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Below is user information for !@#$%. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:_adorkablepunk (90011)
Bio:Tina the Troubled Teen
Interests:138: acting stupid, adam sandler, aim, alternative clothes, audioslave, aussie bands, avoiding schoolwork, bad religion, band t-shirts, being myself, being stupid, being with people, benji madden, bfs, black, black metal, blink, blink 182, blue, bowling for soup, box car racer, boys, braclets, caffine, cartoons, clubs, coke, comedy, comedy central, commenting, crossbones, daria, dogs, drawing, drive-thru records, edward scissorhands, emo, emo core, finch, games, getting comments, going places, goldfinger, good charlotte, green day, groupies, gum, guys, hair dye, hanging out, happy bunny, hatebreed, heavy metal, hoodie sweat shirts, horror movies, hot topic, hugs, ice cream, ice cubes, ignoring sad thoughts, immaturity, indivuality, jackass, joel madden, johnny rotten, kurt cobain, layouts, lotr, lower case letters, lyrics, mac and cheese, mall, mest, midtown, mosh pits, movies, music, mxpx, my friends, nirvana, nofx, partying, partys, photography, pizza, pop punk, pottery, punk, punk rock, ramones, rancid, red, saftey pins, saves the day, sbsp, sex pistols, sharpies, sid and nancy, sid vicious, skateboarding, skittles, skull caps, skulls, sleeping, sleeping in, snl, snoopy, snow, snow days, snowboarding, something corporate, soup, south park, spikes, spiky things, stars, summer, suspension, sweatshirts, taproot, the distillers, the mall, the nets, the osbournes, the starting line, the used, the vines, the yankees, trust company, tyson ritter, water, websites, weekends, weezer, weird people, white chocolate, winter, zippers
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:5: candiikishez, goforthegoat, i_heart_bradley, linzard, pez_got_yah
Account type:Early Adopter

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