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User:__merf (651769)!!!!
Website:breath n' stop
Location:Kansas, United States
AOL IM:shakedownx1979x (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:mehmehmeg (Add User, Send Message)
17, Lady, Kansas.
The roller coaster ride's a lonely one I'd pay the ransom note to stop it from steaming Hey! What are you looking at? She was a teenage girl when she met me...
Interests:124: abbott and costello, adam green, aha, al pacino, alfred hitchcock, andy griffith, anne taintor, appleseed cast, atreyu, audrey hepburn, bach, baseball, basketball, beethoven, beetlejuice, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, bette davis, bing crosby, braid, brian krause, butch walker, call and response, cary grant, charmed, clark gable, classical music, coheed & cambria, cold nights, csi, dandy warhols, ed, edgar allen poe, edith wharton, elliott smith, elvis presley, family guy, frank sinatra, fred astaire, from autumn to ashes, gene kelly, george gershwin, grease, gregory peck, happy days, horror movies, humphrey bogart, i love lucy, igby goes down, international noise conspiracy, james dean, john wayne, katharine hepburn, lauren bacall, law & order, lightning, local music, lou reed, marilyn monroe, marlboro lights, marvelous 3, mates of state, meditation, metallica, michelle pfeiffer, modern english, modest mouse, movies, musicals, nick at nite, nypd blue, old 97s, old hollywood, pavement, phantom of the opera, phantom planet, presidents of the usa, rain, rilo kiley, rita hayworth, road trips, robert frost, robert osborne, rocky horror picture show, roseanne, ruskabank, ryan adams, sammy davis jr., saved by the bell, seinfeld, sonic youth, stone temple pilots, tech n9ne, the anniversary, the beatles, the belles, the bens, the breakfast club, the cure, the faint, the get up kids, the godfather, the history channel, the mooney suzuki, the new pornographers, the postal service, the shins, the sleepy jackson, the smiths, the weakerthans, the x files, theatre, tim curry, tom cavanaugh, turner classic movies, ultimate fakebook, underoath, vince vaughn, weezer, wilco, william shakespeare, writing, yo la tengo, yoga
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User
Date created:2003-12-17 02:39:47
Date updated:2003-12-17 16:05:39, 574 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.1
Journal entries:2
Comments:Posted: 0 - Received: 0

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