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User:__masochist__ (839215)
Website:Tormented Soul
Location:Richmond Hell, Canada

The being behind the journal.

Forever In Debt: Version 4.0

People are stupid. Misanthropy for life.

][.x.hate's blue rose.x.][

As you drift away it takes its toll
We always turned away, always expelled the cold
We forever saw the eyes locked on us
Watching, waiting, hating
We told off the crowds, and stuck it to the masses
But you caved in, sold out to the brasses

As I look out at the wasted land I now call a throne
It begins to fall apart, into the distance it fades
They've found a torture great enough to take me down
They ripped the wings from my back
The scars bleed from the claws you have
With each pulse it grows to an unusual extent
A passionate hate for what they've done,
What they've failed to do,
And I am held back by the shackles that you helped them place
You sold your soul, gave your life, and surrendered your being
To what they believe is right, but you have no clue

I'm finished
It's over, done
You've killed it
There was us and there was them
But not at all

Key is thrown and box is torched
Still after all you put us trhough
After all that was said and done
I still have something for you
A gift that makes me smile
When you hold it, think of me
As it tells of your denial
Hate's blue rose

Interests:149: ac/dc, acoustic guitars, aerosmith, alcohol, alice cooper, anime, aurora bakery bread, being a dork, being misanthropic, bitching, biting, black, black roses, black sabbath, bleeding, blood, bondage, burning, cemeteries, chains, charles manson, christopher pike, cinnamon, classic rock, clive barker, comic books, conspiracy, darkness, dave grohl, daydreaming, death, death metal, depressing poetry, depression, disturbed, drawing, drowning pool, dyed hair, dying, eating incense smoke, eighties movies, fire, flannel, flannel shirts, freddy kreuger, friday the 13th, from hell, full moons, gargoyles, ghosts, graveyards, grunge, guitars, guys with long hair, handcuffs, hard rock, hate, heavy metal, hell, hellraiser, helter skelter, horror, icons, in utero, incense, insanity, jack the ripper, jason voorhees, jim morrison, johnny the homicidal maniac, josh t., killswitch engage, kink, krist novoselic, kurt cobain, labyrinth, led zeppelin, left-handed people, leviathan, lighters, lightning, lithium, lizzie borden, making icons, marilyn manson, metal, metallica, midnight, mike, moonlight, mudvayne, music, nevermind, nickelback, night, nightmare before christmas, nightmare on elm street, nightmares, nine inch nails, nirvana, nothing else matters, ozzy osbourne, piercings, pinhead, pink floyd, poems, poetry, puddle of mudd, queen, rain, rammstein, red hair, rob zombie, rock, rogue, safety pins, sarcasm, scratching, screaming, self-expression, serial killers, sharp objects, silverstein, smells like teen spirit, snakes, stars, stephen king, storms, talking, tattoos, teenage angst, texas chainsaw massacre, the 80s, the 90s, the craft, the sound of rain, thunder, tim burton, trust company, twisted sister, urban legends, vampires, watching retro music videos, wayne's world, witch hunter robin, writing poetry, writing songs, x-men, yelling
Friends:1: guitarboi_2k3
Friend of:1: guitarboi_2k3
Account type:Free User

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