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User:__cbeforeb_ (904281)
Website:Check it.
Location:Bremerton, Washington, United States
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"hey nat guess wut, my b-days in like a a few weeks and guess wut, i was thinking about when u programed all that crap in my callular telephone, and then i saw how it said 'happy birthday rach-o' then i cried a little... AGAIN! omg and now i am looking at ur awesome backround and thinking of how we usted to listen to cds in my room and how we usted to laugh over everything, and make fun of ppl, and we were heartless, and remember in p.e when bastion would shovel the water outta those big puddles and we would be like 'hey chubbs just a bit more i think u missed a spot over here' and then remember the time jose took us down to the beach and we were in the backseat of his car and he said 'tiggo bittys'?? huh nat nat, remember the time when dakota brought fried chicken to that party at 8 in the morning?? and when we usted to pull our pants up really high and talk weird, remember when u dropped ur pants outside durning p.e, in front of everyone?? and remember the time u meg and steph all slept over and u mooned stephany and she saw the mole on ur asscheek, remember ur 3rd nipple?? remember the 'toothpaste, i thought this was...??' and also those photo booth pictures at the skating rink?? and remember at megs when i sexually assulted stephany with harry, and remember when she slapped u with a bread stick?????!!! remember!!!!

i miss u nat ♥ rachael"

Covina is my home. Rachael, Alex, Megan, Stephany. It'll always be N.A.R.M.S.

I ♥ Ruxton Towers. :D Check 'em outtt. Thanks. ♥
And if you like them and have myspace... :

Join it. ^^^
Interests:149: , , , 80's, abortion rights, ac/dc, adrenaline, aim, aladdin, alkaline trio, american beauty, amps, art, bands, best friends, blindside, books, brand new, california, canada, candles, cheesecake, coffee, coldplay, communities, computers, concerts, covina, crying, cuddling, dancing, deftones, depeche mode, digital photography, downloading music, downtown, dr. pepper, drums, dvds, empire records, eyebrow piercings, eyes, fall, family guy, fight club, filming, fresh cut grass, friends, futurama, george orwell, glassjaw, graphics, guitars, guys, hairstyles, hands, head automatica, history, hollywood, html, huntington beach, imperfections, jewelry, jimmy eat world, labrets, labyrinth, ladybugs, laughing, layouts, led zeppelin, literature, london, long beach, lyrics, magazines, memories, money, movies, mudvayne, music, my chemical romance, myspace, northstar, opinions, paint by numbers, pearl jam, pete yorn, philosophy, photography, photoshop, pictures, pink floyd, pinky star, quirks, quotes, radiohead, rain, reading, reason, recording industry, records, rings, road trips, robots, rock, running, ruxton towers, san francisco, santa monica, scene, schoolyard heroes, screamo, seal beach, seattle, sexual innuendos, shakespeare, shoes, shopping, shows, silence, soundgarden, starbucks, stick figures, summers, tablature, talking, talking heads, tennis, the 80s, the cars, the mars volta, the puget sound, the shins, the used, thrice, thursday, tim burton, track, valley of the dinosaurs, vendetta red, venice beach, vintage clothes, vocals, walking in the rain, walkmen, weezer, writing, zombie movies,
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Account type:Free User

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