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Below is user information for Catch me. I'm falling.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:__broke (685074)
Name:Catch me. I'm falling.
Bio:Ohhh damnit, I can't think.

Sometimes I'm just so sick and tired of people. Other times I want them to fuck me up the ass, but that's a different story.

Which 1990's Subculture Do You Belong To?

[Another Quiz by Kris

interesting. maybe?

Hm.. Anyway..

Comment in my journal if you want to be added. Some of the entries aren't friends only.. so chances are.. you aren't missing alot.. and sometimes I just forget to friend them. =O

I have about 7$ in my pocket.
That's about all the money I've had for a couple of months.
That money is not mine.
Pimps should keep away from me.
I might have a disease. I'm not sure right now.
...Niehter are the doctors.
When I'm high, I can touch the ceiling.
When I'm not, I can still touch the ceiling.
I like music. A wide variety of it.
Ah, shit the chat just logged me out.
So anyway.. I just had a brain lapse.
I dislike assclowns.
I dislike these people. Trevor. Harry. Mrs. Micheal. Dino.

Memories:7 entries
Interests:82: .gifs, .jpgs, .wavs, act, acting, art, beast of blood, boys, cage, cd whore, cheese, chicken, cold, die, dir en grey, due le quartz, elegant gothic lolita, emo sucks, eyeliner, finger 11, gackt, gir, girly boys, gummies, hentai, hide, icons, incubus, j-rock, jrock whore, kami, kaoru, kirikirimai, klaha, kyo, közi, layout, lostprophets, lyrics, making clothes, malice mizer, mallrats, mana, media player, melon soda, merveilles, miyabi, miyavi, moi dix mois, mp3s, music, music videos, new found glory, not thinking, onigiri, orange range, penicillin, pierrot, pixi sticks, placebo, plushies, pocky, ps7, pvs, rancid, regret, rufio, sewing, shinya, something coporate, syndrome, the distillers, the used, thrice, toshiya, vanilla, vulgar, winamp, x-japan, yaoi, yu~ki, zomboid
Friends:11: bassoonsrock, bloodymuffin, catmae, doyourfeetsmile, forget_the_past, hopeisalluhave, iwasmeanttolive, jrock, maggotqueen, visualkei, xalivex
Friend of:5: forget_the_past, hopeisalluhave, iwasmeanttolive, killerbassoon, xalivex
Member of:8: aknot, chinadoll, gakkun_, jrock, jrock_layouts, miyavi_desu, sextips, visualkei
Account type:Free User

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