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Below is user information for SCREAMiNGxINFiDELiTiES. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:__antisocial (171106)
Location:West Haven, Connecticut, United States
hi my names jessi and im cooler then you
Interests:149: , afi, afro ken, all american rejects, artichokes, beads, black, blink 182, blood, blue, bowling for soup, bracelets, burger king, cameras, care bears, chains, charlie brown, cheese, chevelle, chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, christmas, cky, coconuts, colorful things, coloring, cookies, cooking, cows, crepes, dashboard confessional, disturbed, dr. pepper, drawing, drums, dying hair, eating, emus, evanescence, eyes, fairies, ferrets, finch, fire, food, fraggle rock, friends, further seems forever, glass, goldfinger, green day, grey, guinea pigs, guitars, hair dye, halloween, hampsters, happy bunny, hoobastank, hoodies, hot pink, ice, icicles, incubus, jewelry, kangaroos, kiwi, knives, lady lovely locks, lava lamps, less than jake, lightbulbs, lightning, linkin park, lip gloss, lobsters, lucky charms, marshmallows, mest, metallica, mint, monkeys, mooses, music, mxpx, nail polish, napsack, necklaces, nesting dolls, new found glory, night, nofx, paper clips, pasta, penguins, permanent markers, pickles, piercings, pineapple, plaid, playing with fire, poetry, pogs, puddle of mudd, purple, rain, rainbow brite, rancid, red, roses, rufio, safety pins, salt, scooby doo, silver, silverchair, singing, slipknot, snoopy, snow, something corporate, spikes, staind, stars, strawberries, strawberry shortcake, straws, stripes, stuffed animals, sublime, sum 41, swords, system of a down, taco bell, taking back sunday, taking pictures, tattoos, tears, the ataris, the mall, the used, the vines, trapt, using the computer, wendys, windows, winter, writing, yellowcard
Friends:27: babynipostin, crazeebeautiful, dieslow, explicit6, fourohfour, halogen, hidden_em0tions, hunnibunch158, illest_shortii, jadedtearz, jennicastle, l3ecci, lilgonzy, lllostdesirell, lookat_thestars, misunderstood_x, mus1c_freek, mypaperx33, punkrocker89, sabrescar, selfprocla1med, shnookywookums, sooo__sweet__x, spiked, untitled03, _unknown_reborn, __antisocial
Friend of:40: babynipostin, benjisri0tgirl, brnidegrl, c0nfidence, colorme_perfect, dieslow, erase_me, estoniansrule, fourohfour, halogen, jadedtearz, jbbaby, l3ecci, lilgonzy, lllostdesirell, lookat_thestars, lyricallycrazed, m1dn1ghtsun, misunderstood_x, mizz_martin, mypaperx33, myusernamerules, narsistic_kandi, play_giirl, sekzi_1, selfprocla1med, shnookywookums, social_reject, sooo__sweet__x, spiked, squeakers, starsxcollide, stuckinmythroat, untitled03, virginize, xosweetxbabiiox, xtie, x_cut_here, _unknown_reborn, __antisocial
Account type:Early Adopter

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