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User:__ambulance (896830)
Location:Milan, Italy
AOL IM:melzillah (Add Buddy, Send Message)

people call me melia, but i'm also known as muu, missy, miss, melzillah or mil. i'm seventeen. and yeah, i don't do drugs, but i do drink a lot of coffee ♥

i listen to mae, the postal service, the faint, camera obscura, the rocket summer, the killers, fall out boy, straylight run, brand new, cursive, bright eyes, muse, hawthorne heights, my chemical romance, copeland, from first to last, the blood brothers, himsa, as i lay dying, emery, kane hodder, saosin, & eighties, get it.

i really don't like babies that much. except for my niece. she's awesome. my favorite animals are giraffes. quite a sick obsession, really. cheesy 80s movies rule my life, along with the cheesy music that went with that era. rebel yell, mofos. i like reading books because i'm a super nerd with no life. might i also add on top of the book thing that i webdesign and play video games? oh yeah. super geek. my favorite smell in the entire world is when it rains on the asphalt after a really, really hot day. and i think it's totally awesome when there's steam. hit a nugga up on aim or myspace.

ambulance y drops the body at the doorstep
Memories:1 entry
Interests:70: 3, 70s rock, 80s, 80s rock, anime, bad movies, black, boys in tight pants, boys kissing, burnt romance, caffiene, camera obscura, cereal, cheesy 80s movies, chocolate milk, cigarettes, coffee, concerts, countdown to life, crossbones, csi: crime scene investigation, death, donnie darko, drawing, driving, emo boys, emo glasses, eyeliner, eyes, flute, funny people, gil grissom, giraffes, guys, html, i feel sick, ice cream, invader zim, jack skellington, jade puget, johnen vasquez, kisses, mae, making out, music, musicians, night, photography, pretty in pink, rain, reading, reid's pit stop, rocky horror picture show, skateboarding, sleeping, spooning, starbucks, stars, teddy bears, the o.c., the rocket summer, thrift stores, tight jeans, tim burton, v.c. andrews, vodka, volleyball, wasting time, webdesign,
Friends:4: emolyrics, summerstar18, the_clester, thisxcantxbexit
Member of:1: emolyrics
Account type:Free User

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