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Below is user information for The Sweet Seduction of Your Lies. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:___underscore (271699)
Name:The Sweet Seduction of Your Lies
Bio:If you were as cool as me, you wouldn't be alive because I'm too cool to be touched. Yes. I'm Carly, I can run circles around your squares and rectangles around your parrallelograms. It's scientifically proven. If I confuse you, then you are not cool enough to speak to me and if your name is plural, there is a high risk I won't like you. Why? Pluralness and possessive is irritating, yes. I'm smart, funny, normal and complex. Strike normal, I'm weird as shit. My acting skills own yours and my internet addiction is impending as one of the greatest ever.
Interests:88: 50 cent, a new found glory, aaliyah, acting, aerosmith, afi, aim, aimee allen, alicia keys, ani difranco, beatles, being weird, bermuda, bermudians, bif naked, blackmore's night, blah, blink 182, bright eyes, cam, cell phones, christina aguilera, dancing, daniel bedingfield, diwali, eminem, enya, eva casidy, evanescence, eve, finch, from autumn to ashes, gary jules, good charlotte, gossip, icq, jay z, jennifer lopez, justin timberlake, lil kim, me, mint chip ice cream, movies, msi, msn, my computer, mya, nas, net-stuff, nirvana, no doubt, norah jones, ok go, other, our lady peace, parties, phones, pt grimm, puddle of mudd, pulley, rancid, saves the day, sean paul, seether, selena, serial joe, shakira, shopping, silverchair, simple plan, singing, smash mouth, snoop dogg, staind, sugarcult, sum 41, system of a down, taking back sunday, talking, talking too much, the all-american rejects, the ataris, the used, tlc, toploader, vanessa carlton, wayne wonder, webcams
Friends:1: iloveboys2003
Friend of:1: iloveboys2003
Account type:Free User

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