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Below is user information for Jennille. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:___stellar (424366)  
Location:Mountain View, California, United States
AOL IM:thenjennillesaid (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Jennille is a...
dreamer. musician. fan.

Jennille listens to...
good charlotte, new found glory, simple plan, mest, the used, yellowcard, the starting line, taking back sunday, linkin park, brand new, lit, dashboard confessional, blink 182, finch, autopilot off, eminem, hanson, aerosmith, something corporate, 311, bush, hole, the ataris, wakefield, smile empty soul, all-american rejects, gob, don't look down, the muckruckers, one fits all, incubus, lfo, no doubt, stroke 9, papa roach, + more.

Jennille is going to see...
fumunda, the other left, wasting time, new best friend, and my former self at the campbell gaslighter on august thirteenth. yellowcard, gob, autopilot off, don't look down, and over it at slim's on august twenty-first. hanson at slim's on august twenty-seventh. finch, homegrown, allister, the starting line, the early november, and senses fail at the fillmore on september second. dashboard confessional, mxpx, vendetta red, and brand new at the sf concourse exhibition center on september twenty-sixth.

FYI: i had a blurty from christmas eve, two-thousand two, until august twenty-fourth two-thousand three. if you wanna check out the suckiness of my life then, go to i've changed a lot since then, so i decided to create a new journal. it just feels right. =D
Interests:45: all american rejects, boys, brand new, concerts, dashboard confessional, don't look down, electric guitars, eminem, finch, friends, fumunda, gilmore girls, gob, god, good charlotte, guys with trucker hats, hbo, hot guys, hot hair, incubus, lfo, local music, make-up, mest, music, new found glory, nicknames, no doubt, one fits all, papa roach, reality tv, sex and the city, shows, simple plan, stroke 9, sum 41, surprises, taking back sunday, the muckruckers, the starting line, the used, tips, vendetta red, wakefield, yellowcard
Friends:1: _iheartgc
Account type:Free User

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