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Below is user information for šhàttèrèð ðrèàmš. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:___crossmyheart (56128)
Name:šhàttèrèð ðrèàmš
Location:Maryland, United States
. . . . . . . * l a u r e n * . . . . . . .

yeah, that's me. i'm 14 years old, i'll be 15 this march. i have a little past shoulder-length, layered brown hair with red highlights and hazel eyes. i stand about 5 feet and 7 inches tall, which i hate. i currently have a boyfriend, who is three years older than me. im so in love with him.. i wanna be with him forever. we've been dating since january 14th, 2002.
i'm in 9th grade, and i really hate school. most of my friends go to another high school, and the ones i have at my school, i rarely get to see. so. .. .. . school sucks. :D
i love to hang out with my friends, go online/chat on aim, and listen to music. music is pretty much my life. it gets me through a lot of my problems. i really like punk, rock & emo music, but i'm very open with my music choices. i listen to mostly rock, but you could also catch me listening to pop, country, r&b, rap and even opera. yes i like an opera song, stfu! lmao.
i hang out with a wide variety of people at school. i have friends from all different groups and i'm happy that i'm able to have all different types of friends. i have friends that are punks, preps, skaters, freaks, cheerleaders and thugs, which i'm really proud of.
i recently got a digital camera, and i love it. i mostly take pictures of myself and my friends. i'll most likely post some of them in here.
uhm.. i'm a really big dork, and i dress a lot different from most of the girls at my school. i like wearing big baggy pants, tons of bracelets, and a tshirt. i used to wear 'preppy' clothes, but i just wasn't comfortable in those.
i really have no idea what to label myself, i used to think i was punk but since then i've changed my mind. i just try to act what's me; i say what i want, wear what i want, listen to what i want, and believe what i want. i don't want to have to conform to some label.
oh yeah, i really hate avril lavigne. i think that she's a hypocrite and a liar, and she thinks she's punk because of her clothes. i do like some of her songs though, and i don't have a problem with avril fans unless they think they're punk because they listen to her.
so that's me. if you like what you've read, feel free to add me to your friends. i'll be more than happy to add you back!

i heart ~ heather, lexi, jasie, chris-tee-fer, mal, and paigey :D
Interests:100: :o, acting like a kid, aim, anti-avril, being a dork, benji madden, benji scum, big pants, billy martin, black nailpolish, blink-182, bowling for soup, boxcar racer, boys, bracelets, cds, chad gilbert, computers, dashboard confessional, disney songs, dyed hair, elijah wood, emo, eyeliner, fishnet, flirting, gir, going to shows, good charlotte, green day, happy bunny, hugs, invader zim, jack osbourne, jackass, jelly bracelets, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, joel madden, kelly osbourne, kissing, korn, laughing till i cry, liberty spikes, linkin park, local bands, loser, love, making bracelets, making out, meet you there, mena suvari, mohawks, money, movies, my digital camera, new found glory, panic room, people who hate avril, photography, plaid, poetry, pop-punk, propagandhi, punk, punk guys, punk rock, rock, rufio, safety pins, scary movies, sex pistols, shopping, simple plan, singing, skaters, skulls, sleeping, something corporate, sour gummy worms, spongebob, spring, staind, steve-o, sugarcult, sxe, system of a down, taking back sunday, teehee, the adicts, the dead kennedys, the donnas, the halo friendlies, the misfits, the mishaps, the osbournes, the used, the wedding planner, thursday, your mom
Friends:33: afterglo, always_you, bombshell, call911idareyou, cheesefeene, darkenedstar, dyingdelight, feelingleftout, freako, hope_to_die, itwasntmurder, misse, onehybridmoment, phreak7737, retardlyemo, riotbitch, rip_me_up, shattered_youth, spiff, staronmyshoe, starxdork, starzovzero, subfusc_, xdry_tearsx, xericax, xrazorbladesx, xsafetyxpinnedx, xsanguinex, xtwistedpinkx, xxsilverkissxx, _blonde, _caitrs, ___l0ser
Friend of:22: afterglo, bombshell, call911idareyou, cheesefeene, darkenedstar, diryde, freako, onehybridmoment, phreak7737, rip_me_up, shattered_youth, spiff, staronmyshoe, subfusc_, unbrokenxchild, xdry_tearsx, xericax, xrazorbladesx, xsafetyxpinnedx, xsanguinex, xtwistedpinkx, ___l0ser
Member of:4: all_things_rock, anti_avril, newfriends, toon_character
Account type:Early Adopter

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