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Below is user information for scenes one through thirteen. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:______touchyou (51148)
Name:scenes one through thirteen
Location:Long Island, New York, United States
AOL IM:so X sexual (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:abodytreatise (Add User, Send Message)

that scent says more in memory,
that scent works to disguise the stench of a crash and burn.
I’ll be the first one to admit, in a minute there is time.
I indulged in your existence
and dissolved like a gun smoke caress on your silken web.
rise like the flames in a scene from the end.

Interests:144: !!!, 7 angels 7 plagues, a static lullaby, aeschylus, afi, american nightmare, ani difranco, anterrabae, as the sun sets, at the drive in, at the drive-in, audioslave, azure ray, bane, beck, ben folds, ben folds five, beth orton, big bad voodoo daddy, billie holiday, bjork, blonde redhead, blood brothers, bob fosse, boys night out, bright eyes, btbam, calla, cap'n jazz, cave in, christie front drive, circle takes the square, city of caterpillar, codeseven, converge, counting crows, cursive, daughters, david gray, dearly departed, death cab for cutie, denali, dillinger escape plan, division of laura lee, dreams forever drowning, dudes and brahs, duke ellington, emanuel nice, emerson, etta james, evergreen terrace, every time i die, explosions in the sky, fall of icarus, finch, fiona apple, for dear life, french kicks, from autumn to ashes, gabriel, garrison, glassjaw, gloria record, guns n' roses, hellogoodbye, hot cross, hot hot heat, hum, in pieces, interpol, ivy, jack johnson, jurrasic 5, kevin devine, kid gorgeous, kill your idols, ladytron, le tigre, les savy fav, little joe gould, louie armstrong, mates of state, me without you, melt banana, minus the bear, miracle of 86, modest mouse, most precious blood, norma jean, onelinedrawing, orchid, otmop, pg. 99, phish, piebald, pig destroyer, pj harvey, poe, poision the well, pretty girls make graves, q and not u, rachel jacobs, radiohead, rainer maria, red chord, refused, regarding i, rival schools, saetia, sahara hotnights, sigur rós, sleater-kinney, something corporate, son ambulance, sunny day real estate, tahiti 80, taking back sunday, the (international) noise conspiracy, the acacia strain, the anniversary, the brian setzer orchestra, the dismemberment plan, the faint, the flaming lips, the heist, the locust, the police, the postal service, the reunion show, the shins, the used, the vida blue, this day forward, three years older, thursday, tom waits, tori amos, transistor transistor, travis, walls of jericho, yeah yeah yeahs, you and i, zero 7,
Friends:14: 747_heart, andthereitgoes, and_wedie_again, attheindieshow, austin, bangbangbang, billay, fordearlife, myxbeatsyouro, shortychic003, summerxstars, thexplanxowns, withwholehearts, xxxdieformexxx
Account type:Early Adopter

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