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Below is user information for xlaurenx. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:__1985 (845670)
Location:St. Louis, Missouri, United States
AOL IM:lawwwhren (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hello, my name is Lauren

I think John Mayer is wickedly hot, and often times, have a hard time saying what I mean.

I am a drama queen, a cynical beast, a hopeless romantic, and one of those people that talk on planes... among other things..

I have irish-pride. Enough said.

My movies and music prefrences seem to change a lot. Pulp Fiction is, and will be, the greatest movie of all time. Empire Records isn't bad either. I adore Dashboard Confessional and The Strokes.

I'm an introvert who has brilliant extrovert skills. I don't trust men or cats. I'm scared of spiders and heights. And I worry too much.

So I leave you with one final thought: I can be the nicest person you ever meet or the first person on your hit list.
Interests:108: 11:11, 80's movies, 90's grunge, a baby’s laugh, abstinence, affection, baseball, basic cable, being in love, best friends, bliss, breakfast for dinner, cameras, cd collections, challenges, cheap pens, childhood memories, chocolate, clichés, codenames, coffee houses, collages, college radio, convertible hair, dancing for no reason, dead like me, december, discovering who you are, downtown, dried up roses, drops of jupiter, duct tape, ellen muth, equality, eternity, falling in leaf piles, fighting with sugar packets, finding your inner child, flushed flesh, freedom, french milled soap, friday night, game shows, god, greek culture, green tea, guys with guitars, hopeless romantics, hot chocolate, ice rinks, indepedent films, inner peace, insight, insomnia, irish pride, jake gyllenhaal, john mayer's lips, late night talks, laughing at myself, lauren ambrose, lemonade stands, life, local talent, loss of breath, mature immaturity, molly ringwald, movie previews, music, my big brother, neighbors with trampolines, nitendo entertainment system, originality, prayer, private jokes, rebels without a cause, road trips, sand between your toes, sarcasm, scooters, self expression t-shirts, self portraits, shared secrets, shiny things, snow days, stand-up comedy, stars mistaken for planes, subways, sunsets, the 1st amendment, the 50's, the bible, the california coast, the discovery channel, the old country, the smell of wine, the wind, thinking outside the box, thunderstorms, traveling, truman state university, truth, unity, vindication, vintage, walking barefoot, walks in the city, white oleander,
Friends:4: amester000, i_am_evenstar, mouche, nodougiefx
Friend of:2: amester000, i_am_evenstar
Account type:Free User

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