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User:_7st (423315)
Name:Ann Ahn
Bio:Hello. My name's up there, if you need to know, and this is basically an 'ED' journal. If you're not comfortable about me talking about how I kill myself slowly each and every day, please don't visit. I don't think most of you people need to hear this crap anyways.

If you have an ED yourself, though, feel free to add me and I'll return the favour. I won't refrain from holding back here, so please be forewarned if you're not used to hearing it.

Thank you and enjoy.

A.E. Ahn
Interests:109: ana, anime, anoretic, anorexia, apples, art, artists, asian food, astrology, ayumi hamasaki, bbc, biracial, bisexual, blood, boa, bulimia, catholic, cats, cutting, david letterman, ddr, death, democrat, devon aoki, diet coke, dir en grey, dr. phil, drawing, eating disorders, eds, england, exercising, fantasy art, fasting, final fantasy 7, final fantasy 8, gackt, gardenia, gay rights, german, germany, green tea, half asian, han-gook, hapa, health, hello kitty, hot pepper, hydroxycut, illuminati, j-rock, japan, k-pop, kelly clarkson, klaha, korea, korean, kozi, lara flynn boyle, losing weight, love, malice mizer, mana, manchild, manhwa, marya hornbacher, mel gibson, mia, minnesota, moi dix mois, music, nigella lawson, ocd, perfectionist, photo manipulation, psychology, religion, rochester, rock, roman catholic, sanrio, scorpios, self-harm, seoul, sephiroth, sewing, si, soy products, speed walking, squall, st. paul, suicide, tatu, techno, techtv, tracy gold, trance, vegan, vegetarian, victoria beckham, video games, visual kei, wasted, webcam, women's rights, writing, x japan, yaoi, zodiac
Friends:11: blondeamazon, dietpills, imperfectlythin, perfection_____, proana, pro_anamia, thinspiration, visual_anamia, wannabesoskinny, whycut, __depression__
Friend of:1: blondeamazon
Member of:8: dietpills, imperfectlythin, perfection_____, proana, pro_anamia, thinspiration, visual_anamia, __depression__
Account type:Free User

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