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Below is user information for orangello. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:99centspecial (64900)
Website:SEEN & HEARD
Location:Virginia, United States
AOL IM:whippersnapped (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:for me, to document is to exhale. 'nuff said.

much love.
Memories:15 entries
Interests:150: absolut ads, accents, acoustic music, almost famous, andy warhol, baby names, baz luhrman flix, bed, blue ocean, boat tipping, books, bootyshakin, breakfast at tiffany's, breezin', burritos, but i'm a cheerleader, button-up shirts, california, chuck taylors, clearly canadian, clueless, colors, concerts, curves, daria, dave chappelle, dave grohl, david sedaris, douglas adams, drama, drummers, ducks, dvds, elvis costello,, espaƱol, esquire, eyelashes, fanta, field hockey, films, flashlight brown, flip-flops, foo fighters, freshly-cut grass scent, fried chicken, friends, frisbee, frogurt, futurama, garage bands, gelato, ghost world, green day, hang ten, high fidelity, ice cream, ifc, il postino, in-n-out burger, incubus, it's happy bunny, janeane garofalo, jazz, jimmie's chicken shack, john cusack, john mayer, johnny depp, keith haring, kelly osbourne, kevin smith movies, laughing, lemalade, letters to cleo, liberty, liberty heights, life, lip gloss, listening, listing stuff, mac & cheese, malcolm in the middle, marcus flutie, margaret cho, mexican food, middle names, miles davis, milkshakes, mis amigos, mtv2, neruda, nick hornby, nikki giovanni, no doubt, non-commercial radio, notebooks, ok go, open mic nights, palm trees, paul rudd, people, people who love things, pepper ann, pineapple chunks, pleasantville, pleated skirts, poems, pursuit of happiness, q and not u, quesadillas, reading, recycling, rooney, salma hayek, salute your shorts, save ferris, scrubs, scruffy boys, seinfeld, singer songwriters, sitcoms, sky, sloppy firsts, smoothies, soul food, stars, steve buscemi, sunglasses, sushi, sweetness, teal sharpies, the beach, the boondocks, the cosby show, the critic, the libertines, the onion, the simpsons, the white boy shuffle, tiny record shops, travel, trees, trick, undeclared, veruca salt, waffles, wasting time, weezer, you, zines
Friends:17: asterikcolon, chipznsalsa, cutebutphysco, dreamsbedreams, elliebean, fadedfootprints, garage_rock, glitternsage, heyvanity, holdinghearts, ladeda666, lifeless_soul, meteor_war, pixythepyro, shrooms4eva, superglossy, _danknee_
Friend of:16: 1completeidiot, asterikcolon, chipznsalsa, cutebutphysco, dreamsbedreams, elliebean, fadedfootprints, heyvanity, holdinghearts, ladeda666, lifeless_soul, meteor_war, onceinnocent, pixythepyro, sexandcandy, _danknee_
Member of:3: garage_rock, lunchtable_etc, superglossy
Account type:Early Adopter

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