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Below is user information for Pagan Scum. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:6raped6by6faith (120853)
Name:Pagan Scum
Website:.dubbed Lord Abortion.
Location:denton, Texas, United States
AOL IM:blooddrugs (Add Buddy, Send Message)
ICQ UIN: 313004352 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:What have I become. You could have it all my empire of darts. I WILL let you down. I WILL HURT you. If I could start again 1 million miles away I would keep myself I would Find away. (darts mean where I shoot Heroin.)
Interests:150: 151, absolute vodka, acid, acid bath, ahnilator, alister crowley, amorphis, anger, armored saint, babylon whores, bacardi, bathory, beer, black beauties, black sabbath, blind gaurdian, blood, bloody vagina, bolt thrower, bonesaws, brujeria, brutal truth, bud kind, cannibal corpse, cannibal holocaust, cephalic carnage, children of bodom, choking victim, coffins, coke, crack, crack pipes, cradle of filth, cryptopsy, crystal meth, cutting, dani filth, dark funeral, dead animals, death, deeds of flesh, deicide, demons and wizards, dimmu borgir, down, dream theater, ecstacy, electric wizard, emperor, enslaved, everclear ( the liquor), exhumed, eyehategod, filth, fire, foil, freebaseing, funerals, gian pyres, god dethroned, god flesh, god forbid, gore, gorgororth, greed, grey skies, guiness, guitars, guns, gwar, hammer fall, hate, hate eternal, heroin, hookahs, hypocrisy, iced earth, imapled nazarene, immolation, immortal, incantation, jack danials, jag panzer, jeagermilfter, jose curevo, juerez, killwitch engage, kind bud, king diamond, lacuna coil, lady jezabel deva, lsd, malevolent creation, marduk, martian foul, mayhem, mercyful fate, messhugah, metal, moonspell, morbid angel, mortician, mortiis, music, napalm death, neizchie, nile, nine inch nails, old crow, opeth, ozzy, pantera, pig destroyer, pink floyd, pissing razors, plasma, quaaludes, satan, saxon, secretions, sepultura, sex, shadows fall, shrooms, six feet under, skinlab, skinless, slaughtered human, slayer, sorrow, special k, speed, speed pipes, speedball, super joint ritual, taaka vodka, tequila, tortuing people for fun, tranquilizers, turkey, vader, venom, vodka, weed, whiskey, wild turkey, witchery, wrist bangers, zong, zyklon
Friends:18: 6raped6by6faith, acid_mind, alone_n_dying, angelinblack666, beautifulfreaks, blackie_lawless, electric_acid, ferocious_kitty, foroneblood, freakbenighted, rosered44, sickpuppy616, suicideparty, tears_of_agony, xdeadinsidex, xdreamstarx, yellow_snow, you_suck_balls
Friend of:5: 6raped6by6faith, angelinblack666, blackie_lawless, tears_of_agony, yellow_snow
Member of:3: acid_mind, alone_n_dying, beautifulfreaks
Account type:Early Adopter

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