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Below is user information for Bailey Socks. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:5678dance (501021)
Name:Bailey Socks
Location:Lost angeles, United States
AOL IM:dancinwithmyself (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:x5678xdance (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:true love never dies, but my love lays rotten covered in flies. they always warned me this would make me go blind. i thought they ment my eyes.....not my mind. tell me that you really love me, my darling dearest one.
Interests:113: 45 grave, 80s movies, 90lb wuss, a flock of seagulls, aerosmith, beloved, billy idol, bjork, blaster the rocketman, blondie, bob dylan, bright eyes, british accents, c.s lewis, cinema strange, civil defense 1984, comeback kid, converge, copeland, curl up and die, cursive, daughters, david bowie, dead poetic, devo, duran duran, edward gorey, elliot smith, elvis, engine down, evergreen terrace, extol, fahrenheit 451, figure four, frankenstein, ghost stories, halloween, headnoise, holding hands, holla...xoxo., horror, howard shore, ian curtis, johnny cash, johnny depp, joy division, led zeppelin, life or death, lights for nero, london, lord of the rings, marshall amplification, mewithoutyou, monsters, morrissey, my bloody valentine, myster science theatre, new order, nightmare before christmas, norma jean, oingo boingo, one-21, orchid, pedro the lion, photography, poetry, poison, poison!! r.a.h, rain, richard hell, rilo kiley, rocky horror picture show, sci fi, showbread, siouxsie, sleepy hollow, spinal tap, squad five-0, streach armstrong, the agony scene, the blood brothers, the clash, the colemans, the crimson curse, the deadlines, the evaluation, the faint, the huntingtons, the kick, the locust, the murder city devils, the outsiders, the postal service, the psychedelic furs, the rave-ups, the rolling stones, the royal tenenbaums, the scallywags circus, the scare, the smiths, the suicide file, the toy dolls, the twilight zone, the yeah yeah yeahs, tight pants, tim burton, tora tora torrance, twothirtyeight dancing with myself., u2, writting, xanga, zao, zombies and vampires
Friends:2: 5678dance, teenqween8
Friend of:2: 5678dance, teenqween8
Account type:Free User

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