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Below is user information for Riddel. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:1945 (115939)
Website:blood kisses dot net
Location:Pleasantville, Nova Scotia, Canada
AOL IM:Angel of Vampyre (Add Buddy, Send Message)

THIS IS ME. called mid, midnight, "hey you" and riddel. a simple creature who neglects to feed herself sometimes. she is basically good, like how she believes that every person is basically good. she is a realistic with an idealistic view of the world. she doesn't like negative people but adores reading and writing angst. sometimes she acts a little odd. okay, a lot odd. she's not afraid to be herself though. she has a positive body image. she likes herself and thinks she's a damn cool individual. mid doesn't care much for things like religion and sexuality. makes things confusing, she thinks. mid is a dreamer and writes and doodles a lot. she is happy with this kind of life though. she is a student that hopes to be a teacher someday. she is a prick. BEWARE.

Interests:150: 100x100, a perfect cirle, a.n. roquelaure, adema, aimee mann, alanis morisette, angel santuary, angels, anime, anne rice, art, astrology, babylon, beauty, bishounen, bjork, black, blindfolds, blood, boa, bondage, books, btvs, bubbles, buffy the vampire slayer, bush, candles, cartoons, cats, chains, chocolate, clamp, coffee, cold, colour pencils, culture, dancing, david usher, dawn, death, depression, discussing, disturbed, dope, dragons, drain sth, drawing, dreams, dusk, elves, evangel, fanfiction, fantasy, finger eleven, fire, flaw, food, friends, frodo, frodo/sam, garbage, glitter, godsmack, handcuffs, harry potter, harry/snape, history, hobbit slash, hobbits, hoobastank, hypocrisy, icons, internet, irish cream, japan, japanese, joydrop, kissing, korn, laughing, layouts, legends, life, lilies, lord of the rings, lotr, love, lust, magic, manga, matthew good band, melanie doane, men, merry/pippin, mp3s, mythology, myths, necklaces, night, p.o.d., pagan, people, philosophy, placebo, poetry, poets, psychology, purple, queer as folk, rain, reading, red, romance, ron/draco, roses, sam, sci-fi, serial joe, sevendust, sex, shounen ai, silk, snape, snow, stabbing westward, stories, strawberries, stuff, sugar, suicide, talking, tattoos, tokyo babylon, twilight, u2, urban legends, vampires, vast, video games, web design, webpages, wicca, wish, witchcraft, wolves, women, writing, yaoi, yuri, zelda
Friends:1: 1945
Friend of:1: 1945
Account type:Early Adopter

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