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Below is information about the "For 18 over Punk Fans Only" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:18_over_punks (72619)
Name:For 18 over Punk Fans Only
About:Hey this is a community for Punk fans 18 and over. Meaning . . .

1. You must be over 18

2. You should have your birth date posted in your personal info

So everyone who is under 18, clear out, and go sit in the balcony were you belong.

You do not, I repeat, do not have to label yourself as a punk to be here. Just dig the music.

Remember that this site is about music. Hateful, racist, homophobic posts are always unnecessary and will NOT be tolerated. I hate to sound like a fucking school teacher, but that's my stance.

Now that we got that over with . . .

Have fun, also, if there is anything you want me to add to the interests list, just tell me.

And yes, emo kids are welcome (Cheer up, I'll buy you a beer.)

Interests:116: addicts, agent orange, agnostic front, another state of mind, anti-flag, anti-mtv, anti-nowhere league, antiseen, bad brains, bad religion, beer, bills, bitter old punks, black flag, bouncing souls, buzzcocks, circle jerks, college, concerts, cute punks, dag nasty, dammed, darby crash, dayglo abortions, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, debt, decline of western civilization, deviates, devo, dirty punks, divorce, doa, dropkick murphys, drunk punks, elvis costello, emo, exploited, fat punks, filth and the fury, fugazi, gbh, germs, gg allin, gray hairs, guitars, guttermouth, henry rollins, hunger, husker du, iggy pop, insurance, johnny thunders, joy division, kids, marriage, minor threat, morgages, moshing, mustard plug, nofx, oi, old-age, old-school punk, owning a home, parenting, paying rent, pennywise, poverty, pregnancy, punk, punk is dead, punk parents, punk rockers, punkabilly, ramones, rancid, reagan youth, sell-outs, sex pistols, sham 69, sharps, sick of it all, slam dancing, social distortion, sonic youth, soul brains, starting a family, straight edge, student loans, tattoos, the adolecents, the clash, the cramps, the crass, the dead boys, the dickies, the distillers, the mentors, the middle class, the minutemen, the misfits, the plasmatics, the ramones, the replacements, the slits, the smiths, the stooges, tsol, ugly punks, uk subs, us bombs, work, x, x-ray spex, youth brigade
Members:40: allscratchedup, beforemytime, benjimadden, brainsandboots, calitatqueen, casualtyoflife, cityofstars, coffincurse, d00mw0lf, devilduckie, dirty_machine, freddicat, goaheadnslapme, idleeyes, killingmachine, leftofthedial, lippelnip, mizzruby, moew, multiplesifl, munkeypawz, nocturnalmorte, oddity_magnet, pencilgrip, possum, punkrockloser, puppyfeet, pussygalore, queenanka, rebelsarewe, revelling08, sixmillionjews, suicide_sally, twiztid008, verbal_suicide, warriorpunk, whoremoans, wild_honey, wilson_panic, xwhenxwexflyx
Watched by:23: 5337291, allscratchedup, a_used_fan, beforemytime, brainsandboots, calitatqueen, cityofstars, coffincurse, dirty_machine, goaheadnslapme, killingmachine, mizzruby, moew, multiplesifl, puppyfeet, pussygalore, queenanka, sixmillionjews, suicide_sally, twiztid008, verbal_suicide, wilson_panic, xwhenxwexflyx
Account type:Early Adopter

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