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User:10aciousme (929534)
Bio:You think you know.....but you have no idea....

Figgerd I should get that out of the way! hahaha

Alright....sooo....uh...oh yeah, I am a 27 year old white dude with no apparent goals, well realistic ones anyway! I live in the Midwest, which I fucking hate, Yee Haw and grew up in Florida. I went to 10+ schools from K-12th and I think road trips are killer. Music is my favorite pasttime, can ya dig it, I can listen to and talk about music 24-7. I am known to friends as a crazy ass, comic relief, laugh junky who will sometimes bite your head off if i am feeling the need to do so. Anyway I wanted to start one of these things for shits and giggles and also to see if it was as cool as my friends say, and if i could actually commit to something for more than a few days. So enough about me lets talk about me!
Interests:16: chinese chicken, drinking, fat people, hating, hippies, living, loving, movies, music, night time, old people, reality tv, retards, sleeping, smoking, tenacious d
Friends:1: sats
Friend of:1: sats
Account type:Free User

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