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User:0blivious (130353)
Location:Long Island, New York, United States
Low and behold, this is the journal of Nina.

I really don't think I should write another autiobiography, since this can be found here.

But I'll inform you with the basic facts. I am Nina, I am Filipino, and I live on Long Island. I don't tolerate alot of people, and I think combing chris carrabba's last name and the word deer is a funny combination.

My Numerology number is 7 ( meaning I'm eccentric or something. I think that shows ), my Chinese zodiac is the snake, and my Astrological zodiac is Gemini.

Memories:1 entry
Interests:72: 1940's, acting, aeropostale, anti-labels, anti-stereotypes, arm warmers, bean burritos, black, blythe, bobble head jesus, bright eyes, bubble boy, buffy the vampire slayer, california, cheese, chinese laundry, christian coulson, dancing, dashboard confessional, dcshoecousa, die trying, diy, fashion, fenix tx, floffus, food, further seems forever, great expectations, ice cream truck boy, imdb, independant film channel, jake gyllenhaal, jesus is my homeboy, journals, konstantine, lost and delirious, lucky 7, mp3 players, mp3s, mugs, music, nomad ii, pastel, paul frank, pink, piper perabo, powder, reading, retro, rufio, sarah michelle gellar, silverstein, singing, sleep, something corporate, spitalfield, stripes, summer, sunny weather, taking back sunday, teenage millionare, the beautiful mistake, the drive, the juliana theory, the virgin suicides, toe socks, urban outfitters, vintage, vogue, watashi wa, writing, yesterdays rising
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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