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User:020589 (534491)
Location:New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:dEad fl0werss (Add Buddy, Send Message)

here's a thought, if you're willing to listen
i only tell the truth of the feelings I'm given
can you hear me now?
whispers in the rain
don't push love away, you know you do
it's all we have
it's a chore holding onto a vision
don't leave her high and dry
she's the one you'll be missing
can you hear me now?
whispers in the rain, while you're awake
don't push love away, you know you do
it's all we have
i hate to think hesitation is a burden
a bittersweet design for a lesson you're learning
she's crying

can you feel me now this time?
whispers in the rain, lying awake
don't push love away, you know you do
it's all we have
here's a thought, if you're willing to listen.

Interests:114: a static lullaby, abercrombie&fitch, acoustic guitar, alice in chains, alkaline trio, anatomy of a ghost, anberlin, autumn, bands, bass, blink182, boxcar racer, boys, boys night out, boyyys, brand new, bright eyes, candlebox, cds, chinese food, chocolate, cloud ten, dashboard confessional, dead blue sky, deep lyrics, designing, don't look down, dreams, dropkick murpheys, drums, emo, emo boys, emotional punk rock, eyeliner, falling forward, feeling left out, finch, finding nemo, flaw, fordirelifesake, from autumn to ashes, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, get up kids, guitar, guys, halloween, harry potter, hollister, hopesfall, hugs, icons, inspiration, jackass, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, juliana theory, keepsake, killswitch engage, kisses, last days of april, less than jake, live shows, love, love 45, lyrics, males, mars volta, matchbook romance, mercury rising, movies, music, music=love, my chemical romance, no name basis, photography, pictures, piercings, poetry, rain, ravenclaw house, relient k, screamo, senses fail, singing, ska, skaters, sky came falling, something corporate, songs, starbucks, starry nights, stories, story of the year, taking back sunday, tattoos, tennis, the all-american rejects, the early november, the hope conspiracy, the plain white t's, the starting line, the strokes, the used, thrice, thursday, unknown bands, viva la bam, wild boys, writing, xtina, yellowcard, ,
Friends:7: emolyrics, for_all_of_this, hiding_from_you, julerry, loadedxgun, themurderscene, _sadsongs_
Friend of:3: hiding_from_you, loadedxgun, themurderscene
Member of:3: emojerseyrock, emolyrics, s0ng_claims
Account type:Free User

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