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dffds (zzzxxx444) wrote,
@ 2012-02-27 17:20:00
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    investment and foreign coordinated
    a period of series of major risks and challenges, the Chinese Communist Party to unite and lead people of all nationalities, and comprehensively promote the reform and opening up and modernization, the country has undergone historic changes.
    five years, China's social productive forces, overall national strength significantly improve our ability to effectively cope with the international financial crisis and maintain stable and rapid economic development, the successful accomplishment of the main objectives and tasks of the % of fiscal revenue was 3.16 trillion yuan to 8.31 trillion yuan. to achieve major breakthroughs in manned spaceflight, lunar exploration, supercomputers and cutting-edge technology. defense and military modernization has made significant achievements.
    these five years, the social development was accelerated development of people's living standards improved significantly. all-round progress of education, science and technology, culture, health, sports career. Urban employment to 5771 people, and transfer of agricultural labor force 45 million; of urban residents per capita disposable income and rural per capita net average annual income of a real increase of 9.7% and 8.9%; gradually improve the social security system covering both urban and rural areas.
    the five-year reform and opening up has made significant progress in key areas and crucial links reform to achieve new breakthroughs in the socialist market economic system more improvement of the total foreign trade volume last year reached $ 2.97 trillion, the open economy improved rapidly.
    five years, China's international status and influence significantly improved. play an important and constructive role in international affairs, and effectively safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, all-round diplomacy made significant progress, we successfully held the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, the century-old dream of the Chinese nation.
    these brilliant achievements, fully demonstrated the superiority of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to show great force in the reform and opening up, which greatly enhanced the confidence and pride of people of all nationalities, and enhance the cohesion and solidarity of the Chinese nation, will inspire us to forge ahead in the new historical journey
    the past five years, We mainly do the following work:
    (a) strengthen and improve macroeconomic regulation to promote steady and rapid economic development, we pay attention to grasp the direction, focus and intensity of macroeconomic regulation and control, firmly grasp the initiative in economic work.
    localized problems evolved into a global problem.
    the past two years, the face of unprecedented global financial crisis, we calmly and scientific decision-making and decisively to implement the proactive fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy. adhere to the implementation of the package plan, a massive increase in government spending and implement a structural tax cuts, large-scale implementation of key industries to adjust to the revitalization plan, vigorously promote independent innovation and to strengthen scientific and technological support, substantial increase in the level of social security.
    adhere to the strategic policy of expanding domestic demand, to take series of policy measures to encourage consumption, increase urban and rural residents, especially low-income people's income, consumption, size continues to expand, the structure of the escalating implementation of the new two-year 4 trillion yuan investment plan, including the new central government investment of 1.18 trillion yuan income housing projects
    rural livelihood projects and social undertakings and investment accounted for 43.7%, independent innovation, structural adjustment, energy conservation and ecological construction, accounting for 15.3%, accounted for 23.6 percent of major infrastructure, disaster recovery and reconstruction accounting for 14.8% Government investment of
    guide leading to social investment, a substantial increase in domestic demand, to effectively compensate for external demand gap, a relatively short period of time to reverse the slowdown in economic growth, first in the world rise to the good, not only to overcome the special difficulties in effectively protect and to improve people's livelihood, but also laid a solid foundation for long-term development.
    (b) relentlessly to do the an annual increase of over 23% of the total elimination of agricultural taxes and various fees, the end of the history of farmers paying taxes to reduce the burden on farmers of more than 133.5 billion yuan a year.
    grain farmers subsidy system and the main producing areas of interest compensation mechanism farmers' production subsidy funds last year to reach 122.6 billion yuan, the minimum purchase price and the temporary policy for purchasing and stockpiling of key grain varieties, wheat, rice, the minimum purchase price increased by 25% to 40%. strictly protect arable land. efforts to promote the progress of agricultural science and technology.
    food production record highs, to reach 10 900 billion kilograms last year, for seven consecutive years increase; rural per capita net income reached 5919 yuan, achieve sustained and rapid growth. steady progress in comprehensive rural reform, the collective forest right system reform of state-owned farms management system comprehensively.
    agricultural and rural infrastructure to speed up construction to complete the reinforcement of the 7356 large and medium-sized and key small reservoirs, 215 million rural population to drinking water safety, farmers' days become better, rural development into a new era.
    (c) vigorously promote the economic structural adjustment, improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth. First, speed up industrial restructuring and independent innovation, and actively promote the technological upgrading of enterprises and mergers and acquisitions, and industry, particularly the equipment manufacturing industry, the overall level of significantly improve the competitiveness of strategic emerging industries grew rapidly accelerate the construction of a national innovation system, the implementation of the Knowledge Innovation Project and Technical Innovation Project, breaking a number of industrial development of much-needed cutting-edge technology, core technology and key equipment and technology, a large number of realize the industrialization of scientific research.
    service industries developed rapidly, the proportion of GDP increased by 2.5 percentage points. significantly speed up the construction of infrastructure, five years to build a new railway line will be 16,000 km, 639,000 km new highways , including highways 33,000 km, new construction, renovation and expansion of the airport 33 new and reinforced embankments 17,000 km
    push forward energy-saving emission reduction, ecological construction and environmental protection. proposed to control greenhouse gas emissions in China in 2020 operational objectives, policies and measures developed and implemented a comprehensive energy reduction program of work to develop clean energy, new power generation capacity of 445 million kilowatts, of which hydropower 96.01 million kilowatts, 3.84 million kilowatts of nuclear power.
    shutting down small thermal power 7210 million kilowatts, eliminating the number of backward coal, steel, cement, coke production capacity to develop key ecological construction projects, 25.29 million hectares afforested soil erosion area of ​​230,000 square kilometers, and to strengthen the focus on water pollution prevention, air pollution prevention and industrial coordinated regional economic development and the implementation of the overall regional development strategy, promulgation and implementation of the main functional area planning, to develop guidance for the new decade of developing the western region and a series of regional development planning, the introduction of the promotion of Tibet and Tibetan areas, the four provinces, Xinjiang and other minority areas by leaps and bounds development of new initiatives.
    Midwest and Northeast development to accelerate economic growth and other key indicators above the national average; constantly optimize the economic structure of the eastern region, gradually raise the independent innovation and competitiveness; regional public service gap tends to reduced, the initial formation of the distinctive pattern of regional development.
    (d) unswervingly deepen reform and opening, and enhance the inherent vitality of economic and social development. fiscal transfer payment system is the gradual improvement of the initial establishment of a county level to ensure basic funding mechanism. VAT full implementation of the transition, the refined oil price and tax reform the smooth progress of the resource tax reform to start the pilot within the foreign tax is a comprehensive and unified large state-owned commercial banks reform the successful completion of the policy reform of financial institutions, the reform of rural credit cooperatives and actively advance; stable to solve the problem of split share structure of listed companies, GEM, stock index futures and margin smooth launch, the steady development of the bond market; further promote the reform and opening up of the insurance industry; RMB exchange rate formation mechanism reform in an orderly way, cross-border trade in RMB clearing pilot expanding state-owned enterprises into companies joint-stock reform of state-owned assets supervision and administration system reform have made positive progress.
    postal reform and accelerating. developed and implemented to promote the continuous improvement of SME development and private investment in a series of policies, non-public economic development environment. common economic development in diverse forms of ownership.
    continue to expand the breadth and depth of opening an average annual increase of 15.9% of total imports and exports, and improve the structure. two consecutive years of decline in trade surplus in 2010 decreased by 6.4% over the previous year. use of foreign capital a higher level. enterprises , continue to deepen bilateral economic and trade cooperation. foreign aid continues to grow, opening up a strong impetus to economic development and structural adjustment, increased employment, absorbing advanced technology and management experience has greatly enhanced China's international status.
    (5) accelerate the development of social undertakings, to effectively protect and improve people's livelihood, and always adhere to the economic development and social development, and focus on improving people's livelihood and seek development. employment on the priority of economic and social development, strengthen vocational training and employment services, the promotion of college graduates. rural migrant workers, urban employment have difficulty finding employment, to do the job placement of ex-servicemen.
    implementation of the Labor Contract Law and Employment Promotion Act, a general increase in the minimum wage standards, promote the establishment of harmonious labor relations. to obtain the social security system covering both urban and rural breakthrough, the basic old-age insurance for urban workers at the provincial level, the implementation of pension insurance relationship between inter-provincial transfer connection measures, basic pension for enterprise retirees were raised in seven consecutive years, an average annual growth of 10%, the new rural social endowment insurance pilot coverage 24 percent of the counties.
    actively and steadily push forward the medical and health system, the full establishment of the basic medical insurance system for urban residents, the new rural cooperative medical care system, to benefit the 432 million urban workers and urban residents, the 835 million rural residents.
    minimum living guarantee system to achieve full coverage, basic system of urban and rural social relief, social welfare, special care and placement, the cause of charity and the disabled to achieve new progress. National Social Security Fund has accumulated 781 billion yuan, an increase of more than 5800 billion five years ago. vigorously the implementation of safeguards housing construction and shantytowns,Miu Miu Purses, the needy families of 11 million live in new houses. we have to persevere, to all the people a sense of security, medical, and housing.
    to develop and implement the national long-term education reform and development plan for five-year national fiscal expenditure on education totaled 4.45 trillion yuan, an average annual increase of 22.4%. the full realization of the urban and rural free compulsory education, all school-age children can not spend money to school. teacher performance pay system is fully implemented. secondary vocational education to the rural economy for needy families, urban low-income families and agriculture-related professional students free of charge to speed up the implementation of the system of national student financial input from the $ 18 billion in 2006 to $ 306 billion in 2010, coverage expanded from colleges and universities to the secondary vocational schools and high school, a total of funded student 21,300,000 boarders provide a living allowance, compulsory education for more than 1200 million.
    speed up the renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural primary and secondary schools and vocational education infrastructure construction. comprehensively improve the quality of higher education level, and enhance the college innovation to develop and implement a national long-term science and technology development plan for the central financial investment in science and technology to 619.7 billion yuan, an average annual growth of 22.7% achieved a series of significant results.
    vigorously strengthen the capacity building of primary health services and national financial arrangements special funds for renovation and new construction of 23,000 township hospitals, 1500 County Hospital, 500 County Hospital, 1000 County Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the establishment of 2400 Community Health Center to develop and implement the national long-term talent development plan for the smooth realization of the planning objectives of the population.
    Cultural restructuring made important progress significantly speed up the construction of public cultural service system, the culture industry is flourishing. Philosophy and Social science and the press and publishing, radio and television, literature and art,leather purses, prosperity and progress of urban and rural public sports facilities to speed up national fitness activities become common practice to comprehensively push forward the building of the legal system, br> to Fight the struggle of the Wenchuan earthquake and other serious natural disasters, achieved a major victory, the Wenchuan disaster recovery and reconstruction of three-year mandate for two years to complete basic, the the Yushu strong earthquake and the Zhouqu large debris flow disaster recovery and reconstruction in an orderly manner after the baptism of the disaster, China people are more mature, confident, strong perseverance of the Chinese nation, the great spirit of self-improvement can not be overcome. (applause)
    five years, we continue to deepen reform of the administrative system, accelerate the transformation of government functions, complete a new round of reform of government institutions to further promote the administration according to law, building the rule of law, government and service-oriented government, and promote openness in government affairs, to strengthen the administrative accountability, make unremitting efforts to struggle against corruption, the government itself has made much headway.
    the past five years, we are one step at a time came to the Chinese people reason to be proud of! (Applause.) And the achievements are hard won in five years. Comrade Hu Jintao as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee with the overall situation, the correct leadership of the whole Party and people of all nationalities result of joint efforts to struggle.
    here on behalf of the State Council, people of all nationalities, democratic parties, mass organizations and people from all walks of life, expressed sincere gratitude to (Applause.) to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese, expressed sincere thanks (applause) Governments, international organizations and foreign friends to care for and support China's modernization drive, expressed sincere gratitude to (applause)
    we are soberly aware that China's development in unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable problems are still outstanding are: economic growth in resource and environmental constraints to strengthen the imbalance between investment and consumption, the income gap, the scientific and technological innovation capability is not strong, irrational industrial structure, the foundation of agriculture remains weak, uncoordinated development of urban and rural areas, the total employment pressure and the structural contradictions coexist, constrain scientific development, structural and institutional obstacles still more; value added services and employment, the proportion of research and experimental development expenses accounted for a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) did not complete the ; increase in illegal land acquisition and resettlement and other social contradictions caused by too high; food safety issues are more prominent; some areas of corruption is serious. the spirit of the country and the people responsible, we must,Burberry Purses, through painstaking work and perseverance, to speed up solve these problems, the satisfaction of the people (applause)
    review the work of the government of the a variety of serious challenges, relying on the development; all the achievements and progress made in various fields, depends on the development; to solve difficulties and problems on the road ahead, we must remain committed to the development of
    China still is and will be a long period of the primary stage of socialism, we must persist in taking economic construction as the center, adhere to scientific development. be people-oriented, to protect and improve people's livelihood as a starting point and goal of all work, unswervingly take the road to common prosperity, the fruits of development benefit all people; adhere to integrated to promote urban and rural, regional, economic and social development; to speed up the transformation of economic development, and vigorously promote independent innovation, resource conservation and environmental protection, economic and social development and population, resources and the environment, improve the development of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainability.
    must adhere to the organic unity of government regulation and market mechanisms. sound market mechanism, effective macro-control of the socialist market economic system, an important part of the indispensable role of the market more or government. some role must be discretionary in response to the international financial crisis, strengthen and improve macro-control in a timely manner to correct market distortions and compensate for market failures, prevent the economy from large fluctuations in the practice proved to be entirely correct.
    us must constantly improve the socialist market economic system, give full play to the basic role of market in allocating resources to stimulate the inherent vitality of the economy, at the same time, the scientific use of the macro-control means to promote long-term economic stability and rapid economic development.
    must adhere to co-ordinate domestic and international situations. of deepening conditions of deepening economic globalization and opening up, China's economic links with the world economy is increasingly close interaction and interdependence constantly enhanced. must establish a vision of the world, to strengthen strategic thinking, good at international developments and changes take full advantage of development opportunities, and secure them to meet challenges and make good use of domestic and international markets and two resources, the integrated treatment of domestic development and opening up the relationship, truly interested in pursuing balanced development.
    must adhere to the reform and opening up as the fundamental driving force of economic and social development reform and opening up of national prosperity and happiness of the people the only way to run through the whole process of socialist modernization with greater determination and courage to push forward reform and improve the reform decisions scientific nature, to enhance the coordination of the reform measures, and comprehensively promote the economic, political, cultural, and social aspects of reform and innovation, a fundamental break from the structural and institutional obstacles to maximize liberation and development of productive forces, promote social fairness and justice.
    to adhere to improving people's lives as a combination of correctly balance reform, development and stability of reform, the speed of development and the sustainability of the degree of reform to promote harmony and stability, to ensure that people live and work, social tranquility and orderly, the stability of the state. (Applause.)
    (f) strengthen social construction and protection to improve people's livelihood
    economy is more developed, more attention should be paid to strengthening the social construction and security to improve people's livelihood.
    do everything possible to expand employment. continue to implement a more proactive employment policy this year The central government will allocate 42.3 billion yuan, to assist and promote employment to adapt to China's labor structure characteristics, and vigorously develop the labor-intensive industries, service industries, small micro-enterprises and innovative technology enterprises, and strive to meet the employment needs of the different levels of < br> continue to give top priority to the employment of college graduates do focus groups employment and to strengthen vocational and technical training, and encourage their own businesses.
    strengthen the public employment services, build up a unified, standardized and flexible human resources market. to speed up the employment information network construction to achieve nationwide interoperability. to strengthen the enforcement of labor security supervision, improve the labor dispute settlement mechanisms to safeguard workers' rights, and build a harmonious labor relations.
    reasonable adjustment of the distribution of incomes. This is a long-term task, but also the urgent work this year focus on a three-pronged measures: First, to accomplish their goals to improve the basic income of urban and rural low-income people.
    steadily increase the minimum wage of workers, the basic pension for enterprise retirees and urban and rural minimum living standard. the normal growth mechanism and improve the wages of workers strictly enforce the minimum wage system.
    The second is to increase the distribution of income to adjust their efforts to improve the personal income tax salaries and wages expense deduction standards, reasonable to adjust the rate structure, effectively reducing the tax burden of low-income persons.
    effectively regulate excessively high incomes to strengthen the dual control of the total wage and salary level of income is too high industry, strict specification of state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, executives compensation management.
    three to rectify and standardize the order of the income distribution. resolutely ban illegal gains. accelerate the establishment of income distribution monitoring system through ongoing efforts, as soon as possible to reverse the income gap widening efforts to make the broad masses of the people more to share the fruits of reform and development. (applause)
    the speed up and improve the social security system covering both urban and rural residents in the new rural social endowment insurance extend them to 40 percent of the county to promote the urban residents of old-age insurance pilot to address the historical legacy of the collective enterprise retirees age security, the establishment of retirees from enterprises of the basic pension adjustment mechanism.
    actively promote the organs and institutions pension system reform of state-owned enterprises, collective enterprises financial coverage. continue to promote the social security system for persons with disabilities and service system.
    accelerate the social security management information. play the role of commercial insurance in improving the social security system, vigorously develop the charity
    unwavering a good job in the real estate market regulation. long-term mechanism to speed up and improve the real estate market regulation, focused on solving the housing difficulties of low-income families in the town, effectively stabilize the real estate market prices, to meet the reasonable housing needs of residents.
    First, to further extend the protection housing construction scale. this year again to start the construction of affordable housing in shantytowns, housing a total of 10 million units, 1.5 million of the transformation of rural dangerous.
    focus on the development of public rental housing. the central budget has proposed to arrange 103 billion yuan of subsidy funds. an increase of 26.5 billion yuan more than last year, governments at all levels through multiple channels to raise funds, a substantial increase in investment.
    pay close attention to the establishment of affordable housing use, operation, and exit management system, improve transparency, strengthen social supervision, to ensure compliance with conditions family benefit.
    two further implement and improve the real estate market regulation policy, resolutely curb the part of the urban trend of housing prices. develop and make public the annual housing construction plan in the plans of new construction land, a separate safeguards housing land, the cities do.
    focusing on increasing the small and medium size apartment construction. regulate the development of rental housing market. strict implementation of the differential housing, credit, tax policy, adjustment and improvement of real estate-related tax policies, strengthen tax collection effectively curb speculative investment buyers. real estate market monitoring and the supervision of market behavior, and severely crack down on various illegal activities.
    establish and improve the assessment of accountability mechanisms stabilize housing prices and housing support work of the provincial people's governments take the overall city and county government directly responsible for relevant departments need to improve the inspection, evaluation, interviews and accountability system, the stability of prices, to promote construction of affordable housing working poor, thus affecting the social development and stability should be held accountable. (applause)
    the advancing medical and health sector reform and development this year is health care reform three years the implementation of the crucial years of the program, to ensure the completion of all tasks.
    First, the full implementation of the national essential medicines at the grassroots level system established to improve the supply system of essential medicines to protect, strengthen drug supervision and ensure drug safety, and effectively reduce drug prices.
    a good job of reform of public hospitals, and encourage local hospital management system, medical services, the price formation mechanism and supervision mechanism the bold exploration of other aspects. improve the medical dispute resolution mechanism, to improve the doctor-patient relationship.
    three is to increase the basic level of medical care. steady increase in the urban workers and residents of health care insurance rates, and the new rural cooperative medical Participating rate this year, should the new rural cooperative government subsidies and insurance for urban residents increased to 200 yuan.
    four major transmitted to complete the rural three-tier health service network and urban community health service institutions the task of building funds for this year's national per capita basic public health services increased to 25 yuan. strengthen disease, chronic diseases, occupational diseases, endemic diseases and mental illness prevention and control and regulate the management.
    strengthen maternal and child health work, continue to promote cervical cancer in women age, breast cancer free examination and treatment to protect the pilot and do a good job of AIDS prevention work. vigorously develop Chinese medicine and national pharmaceutical industry, and implement support policies. the
    five is the organization of medical institutions to encourage social capital. relaxation of social capital and foreign capital held in the scope of access to medical institutions to improve and promote the multi-doctor practice system, and to encourage doctors reasonable flow between the various medical institutions and clinics opened at the grassroots level, to provide convenient health services for the people.
    comprehensive population and family planning work will continue to stabilize the low fertility level. good flow of population and family planning service management strengthen birth defect intervention, to further expand the free pre-pregnancy eugenic health check pilot, do a good job of maternal and infant health care.
    rural women hospitalized delivery rate reached more than 95%. the implementation of a new round of women and children development program to effectively protect the rights and interests of women and minors. accelerate the establishment of sound elderly social service system, strengthen the public service pension service facilities.
    strengthen and innovate the public administration and strengthen the government's social management functions, mobilize and organize the masses to participate in social management in accordance with the law, to play the positive role of social organizations, and improve social management pattern.
    urban and rural communities as the carrier to the needs of the residents, integration of population, employment, social security, civil affairs, health, cultural and other social functions and service resources to achieve the government administration effectively with grassroots autonomous convergence and positive interaction.
    accelerate the establishment of a sound safeguard people's rights mechanisms, administrative decision-making, risk assessment and correction mechanism to strengthen the petition, people's mediation, administrative mediation efforts to broaden the social conditions and public channels of expression, and effectively solve the unlawful appropriation of arable land, the illegal demolition strong public resentment to strengthen and improve the public safety system
    sound emergency system, improving the social crisis management and risk-resisting ability. to strengthen information security and confidentiality, and improve the information network management.
    strengthen the comprehensive management of social order, strict precautions to crack down on various criminal activities. implementation of enterprise safety in production and product quality the main responsibility for resolutely prevent serious production safety accidents.
    improve the food safety regulatory system mechanism, improve the legal system strict standards, improve the monitoring and evaluation, inspection and testing system, and strengthen local government regulatory responsibilities, to strengthen the regulation and law enforcement, and comprehensively improve the level of food security.
    all levels of government must take to attach greater importance to social management and public service. effectively solve the people most concerned about the most direct and realistic interest issues.
    (7) to develop deeper, more distant to better meet the needs of people at multiple levels cultural construction
    culture on the peoples and nations and diverse cultural needs of play culture to guide the community and educate the people to promote the development of the function, and enhance national cohesion and creativity.
    strengthen civic morality in the whole society to foster the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics and beliefs, to speed up build the tradition of Chinese traditional virtues, in line with the requirements of socialist spiritual civilization, and to adapt to the socialist market economy, ethics and norms of behavior.
    strengthen the credit system, the establishment of related systems and laws and regulations to enhance the supply of public cultural products and services, focus on strengthening the central and western regions. cultural infrastructure and grassroots areas, continue to implement cultural projects that benefit.
    supporting nonprofit cultural programs, and strengthen the cultural heritage protection, use and pass on the further prosperity of philosophy and social sciences, the development of press and publication, radio, television, film, literature and art. the File career.
    , to strengthen the use and management of the Internet. deepen cultural restructuring, actively promote cultural enterprises into enterprises develop the cultural industry to cultivate a new cultural formats, to promote cultural industries have become the pillar industry. < br> vigorously exercise activities, and coordinated development of the promotion of mass sports and competitive sports. strengthening foreign cultural and sports exchanges and cooperation, expanding the international influence of Chinese culture, so that the profound Chinese culture and then rejuvenated. (applause)
    , (8 ) further promote the key areas of reform
    continue to push forward the strategic adjustment of state-owned economy, improve the state-owned capital advance and retreat, the rational flow mechanism to improve the state-owned financial assets, non-operating assets and the assets of the natural resources regulatory regime, strengthen the supervision of state-owned assets abroad
    continue to encourage, support and guide non-public economic development, and sound financial resources and powers to match the taxation system, clean up and merge the special transfer payments, an increase of general transfer payments, and improve the county level to ensure basic funding mechanism.
    implementation of the VAT reform pilot in producer services, the reform of resource tax. deepen the reform of the budget management system, comprehensive preparation of the budget of government funds to expand the state-owned capital management budget, try to compile the Social Insurance Fund budget.
    continue to deepen reform of financial enterprises, accelerate the establishment of a modern financial enterprise system and accelerating the development of new rural financial institutions will continue to vigorously develop the financial market, encourage financial innovation, promote market-oriented reform of interest rates.
    widen the yuan's use in cross-border trade and investment. advancing RMB capital account convertibility. to strengthen and improve financial regulation, establish and improve the systemic financial risk prevention early warning system and disposal mechanism.
    improve the refined oil, natural gas price formation mechanisms and various types of electricity pricing mechanism,Louis Vuitton Purses, promote the reform of water prices study and formulate the sewage right to compensation for the use and trade of pilot guidance. price reform should give full consideration to the masses, especially the affordability of low-income people.
    in accordance with the political affairs separate things separate enterprises, separate management from operation, for-profit and nonprofit requirements, a separate classification actively and steadily promote the reform of institutions.
    (9) to further improve the level of opening up
    China's development is inseparable from the world to actively develop mutually beneficial bilateral economic and trade relations and continuously expand new open space areas and continue to push forward the Doha Round negotiations, and oppose all forms of protectionism, promote international economic order toward a more just, reasonable, and win-win direction.
    effectively change the development mode of foreign trade in the effort to optimize the structure and improve efficiency, based on, maintaining foreign trade steady growth in both the general trade or export processing trade, labor resources should continue to play, we must reduce consumption of energy resources, should extend to the high-end chain, we must improve the quality of , quality and added value.
    actively expand exports of its own brand products. vigorously develop trade in services and outsourcing, and continuously improve the proportion of trade in services and adhere to the imports and exports and the expansion of the advanced technology and equipment, key parts, and energy and raw material imports. promote from the least developed countries and the main source of trade surplus countries to increase imports, and gradually improve the trade imbalance, and properly handle trade frictions.
    promote foreign investment and foreign coordinated development to accelerate the implementation of , simplifying approval procedures for eligible businesses and individuals to invest abroad to facilitate and encourage enterprises to actively and orderly conduct of transnational business and strengthen macro guidance of foreign investment, improve the investment promotion and protection mechanisms to guard against investment risks.
    adhere to the positive effective utilization of foreign investment policy, focusing on introducing advanced technology and talent, intelligence resources, and encourage multinational corporations to establish R & D center, and effectively improve the overall level of utilization of foreign capital and comprehensive benefits. pay close attention to the revision of the Foreign Investment Industries, to encourage foreign investment

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