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Meg (zugs89) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 14:41:00
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    Current mood:blah
    Current music:Josh Groban (Shut up clears my head)

    Today's a pretty normal day. I am so tired though. Oh and something LOVELY happened to me yesterday. I was going to fax Joe (my math tutor and friend) my math packet so he could try to check it over for me, but I couldn't find it, and I still can't find it! I'm already doing pretty bad in math, and we are all so afraid that I will be taken out of the honors program next year. I can't afford to get a zero for that packet and I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm bored right now... School starts up again on monday. I don't want to go back and learn, but I DO miss my friends, and it's boring sitting home. Most of my friends are busy a lot... they either have work, family junk, homework, skiing, vacation, or whatever else. I'm going to stop writing this now, because I'm going to the movies later. Oh, and guess what?! I got a CELL PHONE! yey! It's a nextel i95cl. I love it, but I dropped it goign upstairs at crew, and now it's scratched... I've also been thinking a lot about "him". I am even writing a story about it, but I'd rather not share it yet.. not even to my BEST friends. It's too personal. I'm so confused sometimes. And I get really depressed, and then other times I realize how lucky I really am, and love everythign about my life. I hate being a teenager!! Between that and the acne! lol.... bye!!

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