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ZoZo (zozzy) wrote,
@ 2003-09-27 23:57:00
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    Current mood: drunk

    I'm drunk and therefore will be honest. I feel so split at the moment. I love Ellen to bits, but I'm also fond of Drew. It's also complicated now because Anna is going away and Ellen feels like I'm the only one around and doesn't like that fact. In fact Anna going away is why I'm so drunk. Tonight was our last night out till Christmas when she's back (though I'll probably go to Bristol one weekend, so it might not be). I realised I love her to bits and don't want her to go. In fact I want it all back like it was. With Pete and Georgie. OK, so only three of our group are going, but they're important. Me, Ellen and Anna were the Three Witches. Pete held our big group together. Georgie was cool and I quite fancied her. I want it all to stay the same forever.

    I'm a bit miserable right now. May be something to do with second reading of Phoenix, but I'm just not happy. Not at all. Gah. I'm just pissed, I think.

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