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Those perishin' spheres! Dozens of 'em! (zoomeister) wrote,
@ 2009-08-17 16:18:00
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    From Friday.
    Later on, if I get back, or when I get back, be it tonight or tomorrow, i'll tell you all about my hilarious and explicit long standing horn for Mariah Carey. 'twill amuse, I feel. Remember the Victoria Stilwell shite I used to write? Well, this one will be the ultimate. It's going to be incredibly naughty, and rude, and all kinds of FUN SHIT GEEZERS.

    Stand by for that, at some point.

    Anyway, following on from Anive's brilliant made up LJ usernames, here are some of my own. After t'quiz, Bolb tagged eight people that don't exist. I think my favourite was Shirt-pulling drunk. Here are some of my own, sons.

    Billy pirate bummer. Sod Tuesday. Hammer Facial, Indistinct stink, Balloon loon, get out of my newsagent, Colonel Beak, Sundried clit, Banger the musical, my penis is a bee, luncheon malfunction, gonad druid, spider in your foreskin, scream dreaming, on the bus with bowel surgery, bloody hell what's that smell, coughing my lung into your mouth, swedish holiday blues, sex is best with your wife not mine, tarantulas wore the vests, pikey and mikey, chav and ras, where's my skin gone?, beer for lunch bums and lungs for dinner, Riotous disputes on the tube, my mother is your lover and your father is my brother just sayin', OH! DO THAT AGAIN JEEVES!, wrestling bears for money, circus beaks, orgasms and muscle spasms which is best?, concert for androids, flea morten harket, white snow, david's gone for rizlas want anything?, NO, THIS PIZZA IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR A POUND, Jack Slammer, meat pistons, longing for a dusty old book, strangling is the new kareoke, Ben has a breast in his thumb, Stadium retard, Cracking time for a bonkette, I think my anus is the new Space, let's watch Star wars while eating bricks, Wanking in church, I like this pear but I fucking hate the apple, Starsky? Not Much, Hasslehoff is king Nazi here, My ZX81 has the horn dude, Nintendon't, Ghostbusters Flue, Spunking one for grandma, trapped in her basement with a dildo up my arse, cracking time for a cartoon bomb, Fifty cent has changed denomination to pennies, Where's Bellamy?, the clit was grit, savage blowjobbery, Tom Bum, Jeremy and the magic whore, bacon is my lover, where's the detergent? Bossing the road, this window's not for staring BUT THIS ONE IS!

    I've got a million of 'em. NOW FUCKING GET OUTTA HERE!

    I love you all. Bye now.

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