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Those perishin' spheres! Dozens of 'em! (zoomeister) wrote,
@ 2009-08-06 13:56:00
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    That i'm here at all is largely because of Livejournal not working. I view Blurty as an old, senile workhorse; gentle, placid, old, desperate, lethargic. On it's way to the glue factory.

    That being said, I still cling to it, like the last survivor of a ship wreck clings to a bit of old driftwood. How are you? You alright? Let me fill you in on the last few months so that you know what fucking happened to me.

    I last really wrote on here in February. It was around the time I lost interest in Blurty, and started writing more on Livejournal. Barring today, it's more reliable, has more features, and has not been abandoned to the ravages of crap. Crap being the amount of fucking fake journals being created to sell something. It really is starting to irritate.

    I have done some romancing this year, some more growing up, and some more seeking acquired wisdom. Am now single again, but even more mature as a result. However, as I was mutually agreeing with the ex, sometimes growing more cynical about love makes it more and more difficult to approach a crush with a sincere relenting. Does it completely go?

    So that's pretty much what happened. I hope to me moving soon, which will mean no internet for a while. Possibly.

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