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Shellie (zombiie_x) wrote,
@ 2007-07-19 23:38:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:"Do Something" ; Britney Spears

    Thursday ; For realz, y0
    Well, this is going to be an actual post. About my day. o_O

    Let's start with the beginning. I got to talk to Chance from about.. 12:30 to 3AM. :D It was really nice. We don't get to do that too much, so I really liked it. The only reason I hung up was because his friend Jason called and got him on the other line for a long time and he didn't want to leave me hanging. But, it was really fun to talk to him like that. :]

    I woke up around noon and took a shower. Then, I set up my Blurty. *poses* Lol. About the time I was done setting it up, my dad came home. He had talked to a lawyer today because we are getting sued. My step mom, Tammy, aka Crazy Lady has some bills that my dad was paying and he can't pay them, so the company is suing us. Anyways, Dad went and talked to a lawyer about it and the lawyer told my dad to stop paying her bills. So, they're going to repo. her car, which means she will most likely come and take mine. But, shit, if that means she'll be out of my life, then do it. Also! If she turns my dad's cell off, we're going to get on a family plan with free nights and weekends and unlimited texting so I can bug Chance more often. ^_^

    Well, we talked about all of the above on the way to get Steph's hair cut. It's pretty cute. She got some side-swept bangs. Reminds me of my hair, but less layers. Mine is SO much cuter. >_>

    After that, we came home and I went to Plato's Closet to look around. They had some pretty cute clothes there. I need to lose some weight. >_> My boobs don't help much in the shirt department either. Oh well. It was still fun to go look around in there.

    I didn't buy anything, so I went home and got on the computer and talked on IRC for a bit. Those people annoy the fuck out of me. :\ There was this one kid, Weston who is obsessed with EVERY girl in VF (VampireFreaks). So, my friend Josh is an OP in there and there had just been a netsplit, so he was the only one there. Josh hates Weston as much as I do, so he let me tell him off. It felt so good. ^_^ So, Weston doesn't bother me anymore. xD

    I also talked to Joe about what I was going to do after I graduate high school. We came up that I'm going to move in with Chance and go to a cosmetology school there. After I do a few jobs and save up enough money, I could start a cybersalon in a cybernet club somewhere. I could do people's makeup and dreads and then they can go hop off to the club. And, during the day, it can be a regular salon. It sounds like a good idea to me. But that's way, WAY in the future. But.. it's a good start, right? x]

    Anyways, I'm tired.. Night!

    I see you looking at me like I'm some kinda freak.. Why don't you do something?

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