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Shellie (zombiie_x) wrote,
@ 2007-07-26 22:37:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:"Razorblade" ; Blue October

    Thursday ; Bad day :\
    So, as you see.. it's been a pretty bad day over all. I woke up a few hairs above the ass crack of dawn only to call Blake at 8 and find out he was still asleep. He was suppose to call this lady about job interviews at a dog kennel around 7 or 8. He called her around 8:30 and she didn't call back until like.. 10 and said we had our interview at 11:15. So, on the way to that, I got lost. But, somehow, I found it. I don't really know how that worked. When we got there, these two Bloodhounds ran out of nowhere behind this fence and started barking and scared the shit out of me. I swear, they sounded like lions when they growled! The couple that run the kennel were really nice; a redneck husband and a Scottish wife. They came out and basically told us that it was a cleaning job. That was expected. Now that I think about it, I don't think I wanna do it. :\ It's too far to drive to get paid that much for that amount of work, you know? So, tomorrow I'm going to go to Walgreens and see if they're hiring. :\

    When I got home, I baked a cake and made pink frosting. It's pretty good. Just don't eat the frosting by itself. I also played Sims 2 for a bit. I'm probably going to go play that if Chance doesn't wanna call. He's RPing right now. >_> Nerd. ;x

    Blake kept fucking calling me and saying the same thing over and over again. x_x It's like, "Damn, I'm blond, not deaf." Of course, I didn't say that to him. His girlfriend already doesn't let him talk to me, I don't want him not talking to me by HIS choice. :|

    Speaking of people not being able to talk to me because of bitchy girlfriends, Joe called and talked to me for a few minutes for the first time since.. March? Maybe? Anyways, it was nice to hear his voice for a few moments. But, of course, Mary had to come up and start asking him question. x_x Joe is not allowed to have me on his myspace, talk to me online or on the phone, or watch my cam. :| I fucking hate people.

    Oh, I also found out one of my exes is getting married to some girl that he hooked up with the DAY he left me. x_x So, I blocked his ass. Fuck that shit. >_<

    I freaked out, thinking people didn't love me..

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