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zBlinkBabyz (zblinkbabyz) wrote,
@ 2004-06-25 11:49:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:youd laugh if i told you.

    ok, so I got some shit on my mind, im writin it down...
    There are way too many problems going on in our little friendship group.. thing.

    It's ridiculous when we can't all work out our problems, with this agree.

    You have to realize though, that it's not as easy for me as you think.

    And you guys gotta put urself in my shoes b4 telling me im a horrible person.

    Something like this isnt easy for any of the friends in the group.

    And I'm sorry if I've hurt anyone.

    Somethings just aren't meant to work out.

    And you guys think it's easy for me 2 just sit here and fight it out with everyone right?

    A fight like this is just something im used to right?

    And this fight means nothing to me?

    I feel hurt by this fight, like I do every fight.

    But we should be able to tell each other our feelings without the frienship totally ending.

    This is how I feel.

    Is it possible that maybe u were being a bit too sensitive?

    So think about this once u unblock me and see this post.

    And comment on this and tell me wut u think.

    Planning on no answer at all because thats how u are.

    A perfect little girl lyk u would try to fix all the problems in ur life ryt?

    As everyone thinks ur so fuckin perfect u have so many faults no one bothers to find.

    While I sit here and i'm affected by them everyday.

    My friends tell me to just leave it and let it be but i want to be friends with u, honest-i do.

    When you decide to grow the fuck up and actually be able 2 take little fights , tell me.

    Tears will not fall from these eyes but i will feel some pain in my heart.

    As you pretend it don't bother u either, i know it does.

    Don't just ignore me for the rest of your fucking life.

    And don't annoy me for the rest of it either.

    For once can we just be friends, dina?

    comment me plz... this is my absolute feeling on all this bullshit, im not gunna fuckin sit here through all this drama...

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