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zBlinkBabyz (zblinkbabyz) wrote,
@ 2004-07-01 18:06:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:bowling for soup and Jimmy eat world lol

    ok, so yesterday sal's mom is driving me home from the beach, and as we pull up to my house, theres lyk big fucking machinery like tractors and bulldozers and such ... apparantly they decided to cut down about 6 trees without me knowing of it.. which was pretty funny, in my opinion.

    so i put all of my summer events on my calendar today. i have a lot of parties and marching band practices that will be filling up my summer.. woot.. and it feels good to have all my plans written down! woot! and ok, so i spoke to bonnie, and im going bowling tomorrow with the clarinet section of the marching band! and im so excited! and omg, i cant wait to see sal tomorrow i hope! i love him and i miss him so much!!!!! last night was so fun.. hehe... me nicole jenn and katie went to mini-golfing and then did a little walking around, and we named my bra and boobs! hehe! im pretty happy right now... becuz guess wut, cat just called and shes gunna come visit me tonight which is very exciting.. so ill post and tell u how my night went later... bye bye for now!

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