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Katie (zann44) wrote,
@ 2008-07-14 21:02:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    So my Great Adventure in the North is coming to an end. I've been to: Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Norfolk, Montecello, Mount Vernon, Washington D.C. (Arlington - mainly), Baltimore, Bel Air (Uncle Bert and Aunt Sandy), Gettysburg, Pittsburgh (Mica's and Saul's)

    The Mica's and Saul's are people my dad's been friends with for years and years and years. He was at both their weddings and the Saul's oldest sone is about my age so they would joke that we were going to get married one day (I was 3 years old!!!) they say that I also said this but since I have no memory of it and my dad has a wonderful imagination I will take it with a grain of salt. We stayed at the Mica's (they have four kids) Elinore loved it and we (the older people minus Elinore) played games all day. When we got their on saturday we played talisman (which i love!), on sunday we played settler's of catan, titan, and empire builder. Settler's of catan was kind of like a simplified version of civilization in my mind, but with no fighting. Titan was a long and slow moving game centered around recruitment and combat. Empire Builder is an addicting game about railroad building.

    Gettysburg was amazing, the battlefield was huge, but there were bikers everywhere! We think there was a convention of some sort.

    Bel Air was nice, I got to know Jenna some (she is so pretty! porcelin skin and red hair is lovely) and it was nice to see Uncle Bert and Aunt Sandy again. We saw some of the things my Great-Grandfather built in Towsen and I rode on the back of Uncle Bert's motorcycle all day! I loved it, it took me a couple of miles to get used to it but after that it was wonderful.

    Arlington Cemetary was kind of spooky. All these people that have served our country and this is only one of many national cemetaries. I did see a tombstone with the name Booth on it, really spooky since that's my mother's maiden name....The house was neat but also sad, it was once a house full of life and love and then it became a hospital full of death and pain.

    Mount Vernon was interesting, I think i use the word interesting to much maybe...i dunno, whatever, the house was large (comparatively) and the view of the river was breathtaking.....I'm used to water, hell I drive across the mid-bay bridge to go to work, but this was something else, looking out over the potomac i felt like i had stepped back in time. I just blocked everything else out around me and sank into the history of the house, I love things with history and this place was full of it - only place's in europe had more.

    Monticello was interesting (there i go again....*sigh* i'm hopeless...) I thought the house design was excedingly well done, yet I wonder about Jefferson, he was so good at so many things and had a lovely plantation - yet...he died bankrupt! what did he do wrong?

    Went to Busch Gardens Europe (Yes, It is owned by the same company as the two parks in florida...) rode on all the roller coasters but the griffen. We intended to go on the griffen but by the time we got to it my dad's stomach was upset and i'm no chicken, but there was no way in hell i was going on that thing by myself! And Elinore refused to ride it. But I figured I'd make it back someday and I'd be sure to ride it then.

    In Norfolk we only went to the Nauticus and saw the battleship and museum, interesting but not the highlight of my trip by a looonnngggg shot.

    We just drove through Yorktown, not to much to see there, but yet another thing steeped in history.

    We were in Colonial Williamsburg on the fourth of July so that was kinda neat. It was a good day until it rained and then it stopped raining and then it started again. and every time it rained it got hotter and more humid. The Picnic dad paid for was a waste of money, the food wasn't that great and there were no table's or chairs for us, only benches already soaked from all the rain. The music was good though - a musical trio. We had a reserved spot to see the fireworks but they didn't tell us to bring our own seating and it was wet, hot, and there was still over an hour to go till the fireworks. So we walked back to the hotel, showered, and then watched the fireworks from our dry balcony, Just as good a seat as anywhere else. They were short fireworks also.....the Niceville and Eglin ones are longer.

    We went to Jamestown on the first day and wandered around, it was fairly interesting and I know one thing for certain now. I am very glad I did not live over here 300-400 years ago!

    Tonight we're in Richmond and we fly out at 0630 eastern time. It's 2232 at the moment and I'm slightly worried about my ability to get up in five hours....ick, I am NOT a morning person so this is gonna suck bigtime....and I'm not looking forward to going back to work, oh ya, I've got two paychecks waiting for me! forgot about that! yippee!!!! and I see Zack again, he's picking us up from the airport and I'll return the necklace, I'm really glad he gave it to me, cuz I've missed him

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2008-07-15 20:29 (link)
If you die bankrupt, then you spent all your money. WHich is actually good and not wasteful. Like, if you die with all this money left over, what's the point? I mean, yeah, kids and grandkids, but still. Lol.

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