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Zandoz (zandoz) wrote,
@ 2005-12-19 00:11:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Queens of the Stone Age

    Gahhh I hate people
    Man, some days I just really fuckin hate people. They're dumb and retarded, and I don't understand em at all.

    I got one more day...then I get a day off...finally. It'll make my seventh day's no wonder I hate fuckin christmas. Christ, indeed. pfah! don't even get me started. I know more about the history of christmas than 99% of 'christians' do. A pox on it, and them!

    In other news, poor Joey's been a sick little boy, and he's still coughing a lot. I told him he needs to get a shot in his butt so he'll feel better hehehe. Knuckle Duster has two shows coming up in a few weeks so he needs to get better so he can rock out!

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2005-12-19 00:22 (link)
Customers can be retards..Last night, this bitch at my work was accusing everyone who I work with of putting the hottest sauce on her taco salad to play a joke..She was hella rude about it, and probably what happened was she asked for the salsa, but no hot sauce, and even that was too hot for her..Bitch..

Hope Joey feels better soon...

Yeah, alot of Christians don't know shit about how many traditions they practice around Christmas are actually Pagan..

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