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Zandoz (zandoz) wrote,
@ 2005-08-19 20:27:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Smashing Pumpkins

    America! FUCK YEAH!!
    Lmao, I just watched Team America and that is a sick, funny fuckin movie lol. Those guys are seriously fucked up. Whew. I spent my day off today recuperating from the other night when I went barhoppin with my former supervisor Joann and we drank ourselves stupid and I had to work yesterday morning lmao. I was in the fuckin' Twilight Zone all day an' shit. I was still drunk when I went in, I'm standing at the chicken fryer goin weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We had a lot of fun, except I almost beat up and old English guy for being a prick...sittin' at the bar with a Chronicles of Narnia book by CS Lewis. Weird, huh? Well, it gets even weirder. I told him I had that series and the LOTR too cause I"m into Lewis and Tolkien both, and he starts asking me if I'm a Christian and all this shit. Dude, alcohol, bars, politics and religion do NOT mix, and it almost got ugly a couple times lmao. It culminated when he asked Joann what faith she was raised in, and she replied Pentecostal, and he told her "My condolences." She almost pulled his face right off. Other than that though we had a great time, I ate these hot pepper cheese wedges and roast beef and drank until my liver almost gave out.

    Gotta work tomorrow and that's ok, me and my sweeteh JoeHollywood went to the park and walked around and took it easy. I slept ten hours last night from my debauched endeavors the night before rotfl.

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2005-08-20 23:36 (link)
Team America kicks ass..I love the songs in it...

So, he old asshole was starting a stupid religous arguement? What an asshole..You can like The Chronicles of Narnia and Tolkein and not be a Christian.

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hey hey bitch
2005-09-16 03:00 (link)
you know your a funny fuccin person, i'mma make you one of my friends fat ass, triple chin, dobule chin, porky, i dunno whaever you wanna be called hell i'll call you just great big fat person, you fuccin lil, wait..... did i just say lil? LOL ok, you FAT cunt, shit i just lost my thought, i'll get back at ya

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Re: hey hey bitch
2005-09-16 04:47 (link)
deuces, go to hell. sandoz, moondragon, just laugh at the little brat. screw him.... he's a maggot. lol see you on the tdr site!


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Re: hey hey bitch
2005-09-17 00:26 (link)
Wow, he must have had to use a lot of what little brain power he had to come up with those lame ass insults.

I still love you Sandoz....but you already knew that....

~Fairy from TDR

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Re: hey hey bitch
2005-09-17 00:35 (link)
thank ya'all darlins.

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