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Zacchaeus (zacchaeus) wrote,
@ 2003-06-17 11:54:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Gackt Camui-Vanilla

    More Fiction!!!
    Wheeeee! Original fiction, what a bother! My 'Unspoken Promises' fiction is currently behaving itself. The lemon that I have recently inseted into its plot should be satisfatory for my wife and dear friend who read my story making me very happy. Arigato Tayles and Eddie!

    I have actually drawn Memoir fom this story in a school uniform and hope that Tayles will be satisfied with it as she drew me an absolutely fantastic fanart of him which now adorns my wall beside my computer and convinces me to write!

    My vampire original is going crappily. My first section to the story is being a bitch to write! My character's are of the type that I fall in love with but they will just not co-operate with me.

    Woo-hoo! The Darkness are on MTV2! Wow, he really does not sound as if he comes from Suffolk... I am considering on whether or not to buy their album...I have heard three of their songs and I can safely say that I approve. So yeah, that can be added to the Christmas list.

    It's my birthday on Thursday! Squeeeee! I am SO gonna buy Moi dix Mois album! Mana is so beautiful...*drool* Drowns in happy perverted thoughts. I am also thinking of buying Dir en Grey as Kaoru, Shinya and Toshiya are also Gods. Also maybe Gackt Camui as he is sex on legs. *Gackt thrills*

    I am babysitting tonight, ah well more moneyfor me! Selfish or not I need money to live.

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