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Zacchaeus (zacchaeus) wrote,
@ 2003-07-16 12:46:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Dir en Grey-24ko Cylinder

    Well, today I am sitting at my computer whilst the weather is glorious but I do not wish to recieve sunstroke or skin cancer, so excuse me while I sit in perfect happiness inside in the cool. I shall dwell in the thought's of writing my lemon, that at the moment, is proving a demon to write. Oh well, today is the day that I shall try to find ultimate happiness. I have...drawn Memoir and drooled over him and wished he was real so that I could meet him. Am writing as forementioned lemon which makes me happy as Memoir is finally allowed to be the giver and not the reciever.

    Also in the J-Rock department I am very happy! Stuff purchasing the real thing when you can download it for free! Oh well...I can now fully replicate the Dir en Grey MISSA album! Woo hoo! Only six songs on that album but oh well. Actually I have...around 70 Dir en Grey songs to put to CD. Shit, I didn't realise it was that many...

    I have nearly finished downloading the Moi dix Mois album. Mana-sama is mine and no one else can have him! MINE I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!! Juka sounds almost exactly like Gackt, this brings up the rumour that Mana in his days of Malice Mizer was partaking in a relationship with Gackt Camui. Perhaps this explains his reserved behaviour in interviews; Gackt was playing footsie with him under the table... Now Mana-sama seems even more reserved...perhaps that is because whilst having a rampant love affair with Juka he cried out 'Gackt' rather than 'Juka'.

    Found some very kinky pictures of forementioned Mana in Gothic Lolita Bible. Despite the fact he's wearing a skirt that looks like a tutu he is exposing a lot of thigh and that makes me very very happy! ^ ^;;;

    Can safely say that Klaha's voice is still as sexy and smooth as melted chocolate whilst in his solo career as it was in Malice Mizer....nothing more to be said. *Faints*

    Kyo of Dir en Grey apparently fancies his crotch very very much! Witnessed a video clip of him on stage where he sang and groped himself. It is now living proof that men can do two things at once. So credit to men! *Waves little flag of support* Despite the fact that Toshiya likes to collapse on the floor and make pedal motions we still love the guy, I mean, without a shirt and in the shower we like very much! *Crickets echo in the silence* Okay, perhaps that is just me then! Poor Shinya, despite being quiet and not speaking unless he's spoken to he certainly can draw attention to himself. Die being his main tormentor...then again you can't really blame the guy. I mean, after admitting to fancying Shinya from the MISSA period you can't help but wonder whether Die commanded the guy to spit or swallow...

    Onto me now...I feel happy and revitalised (sp?) I just ate something....Holy Crap we have a breakthrough in the wall of starvation. Had a bath this morning, nothing special happened during that...except the neighbour singing in the shower. *Cringe* No offence to her, but even Tetsu on a normal day sounds better! Drawing Memoir as a princess, well, perhaps not princess...more like a Queen... I feel slightly warm and currently listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto...Instrumental stuff but all good shit as long as they tune their instruments properly...Listen to Gackt's 'Sayonara' and you will hear what I mean.

    Finally purchased my CD-RE-Writer. Thank God because now I don't have to turn my computer on in order to listen to J-Rock. Also I will now have something to listen to when I go on Holiday to the coast in order to visit family and stay in a caravan. I love staying in a caravan, that way you can tell when someone's been naughty...

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