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Zacchaeus (zacchaeus) wrote,
@ 2003-05-31 18:20:00
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    Current mood:Squeeee
    Current music:Forever Love-X Japan

    Well, today has been a real heat bomb! I have just witnessed the Foo Fighters live peformance in Philidelphia! Bottles being thrown, crowds pushing to get up front...'We love you Dave!' I must admit he is an excellent vocalist and guitarist, but in the looks department I would not exactly call him 'da bomb'! Perhaps I should mention that I am gay?

    *Groan* My writing is not going incredibly well at the moment. My current novel has just been completed, praise the Lord! However, my new vampire themed fiction is turning out to be an utter bastard to write! I love my characters and the yaoi element is going fantastically, lemon in the first chapter!

    I really need to check my e-mail...but I cannot be arsed! I am currently searching for J Rock yaoi fanfiction by Kurara, if anyone has heard of her, please e-mail me! My e-mail is displayed on my page, ja gut, viel danke!

    God, I hate German, no offence to Germans! My Japanese course is going okay, I can tell the time pretty much fluently, but God! Do they have to have so many different ways of saying things? But then again I suppose they could say that for our language.

    I had actually better bed is calling me... Being single kind of sucks...I sort of crave human contact ut the nearest I am going to get is my cuddly life sized St Bernard plushie...Oh well, how sad am I?

    Oyasumi nasai! ^ ^

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