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Zacchaeus (zacchaeus) wrote,
@ 2003-06-19 14:06:00
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    Current mood:Hentai
    Current music:Happy Birthday To You

    Squeeee...Happy Birthday!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Thankyou for sending me an e-mail wishing me Happy Birthday! I haven't actually got all of my presents yet, but hopefully this weekend I shall be getting some more as well as buying party food for, obviously, my party on Monday!

    I am curently sitting at dad's computer scoffing noodles and congratulating myself for not letting the water burn! Belive me, it has been known to happen! This morning was spent rather appropriately drooling over Gackt Camui (gomen nasai keyboard) and my disks to take to my own computer are brimming over with images. Just add to the constantly growing collection that I keep. 400+ by now I should imagine... o.O I'm not too obsessed.

    My brother gave me a horny devil and said to me: "It suits your character perfectly!" I am still attempting to decipher what he was implying... Oh...I see, could it be because I am a hentai? I believe so.

    Going to Becci her schholgirl Memoir tonight...hope that she appreciates the blueness and yet I hope she laughs at the 'peeping tom' aspect of things!

    I shall be going to drama wearing my new anime T-Shirt which is spiffy and I am very proud of it, however at the moment she is covered in cat hair due to the untimely welcoming I recieved from Smokey (the cat) as I walked through the door! Striaght up onto my shoulder she leapt and purred in my ear, almost deafened me.

    I have been sixteen now for... six and a half hours! Yay!!!

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