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Zacchaeus (zacchaeus) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 20:31:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Moi dix Mois-Dialogue Symphonie

    Ack, Stupid School!
    It turns out that school actually starts tomorrow and not Thursday as originally thought! That really pissed me off seeing as I was going to go around Becci's house on Wednesday and have a sort of anime quest! Oh well, she is coming over mine on Saturday to chill and we are going to watch anime! Hellsing no less! I am very happy seeing as it is all about vampires, I am a fan of vamps if you didn't already know. My computer is going to be raided and all precious items I hold dear to my heart to be copied for her own desires...*Runs off to hide Gackt*

    I hope that they have the list for teachers and rooms for next years lessons...I kind of lost mine being a prick and have no idea where I am or who is teaching me! Ah well, the upside to all of this is that we get to wear whatever we want next year! I bought a new pair of trousers today that I am very much in love with but I need to wear my spiderweb skirt tomorrow for Eddie-bear as she requested.

    Armies' party was great! Everybody approved of my muffins and me and Becci had great length conversations about random crap. We utterly spooked out Ellie and Laura though as they are fairly homophobic and Becci was ranting that me and her had had sex in the bushes... o.O I fell off the swing, but I am paranoid of the blasted things seeing as I was thrown from one onto my head when I was five. I think that probably explains my madness!

    I've been downloading Ayumi Hamasaki today because she is a babe and has a realllllly high pitched voice, but she sings the 'Inuyasha' opening theme and does so beautifully. I also have Lareine at long bloody last! Took it long enough and Klaha singing live...damn dastard for having that good a voice...*grumble*

    Now I must depart, I have to finish a story that is taking me ages to write but must be posted on the mailing list soon...I hope that I can finish it...

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