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Yuki (za_peipa) wrote,
@ 2004-05-13 17:34:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:speedy speed boy - initial d

    French French French

    Which Gackt are you most like?

    quiz by mcvarmazi

    hehe took the gackt test =P

    today was pretty fun in french! we had to do dialogues in french from our le monstre dans le metro story. me, wang wang, and laura got the coolest one.

    i was suppossed to be the police officer, wang wang was the fat lady, and laura was the mechanic but they switched rolls. so this is how it went:

    laura: *runs up to me* ah! monsier l'agent! c'est terrible! il y a un monstre, un grand monstre dans le metro!

    *laura runs away*

    me: MAIS! MADAME! *grabs her arm and laura wakes me with a purse...i fall to the ground*

    me: *gets up and sees wang wang* AH! vous etes le mecanicien! qu'est0ce qu'il y a dans le tunnel? ou est le train?!

    wang wang: oh! monsieur l'agent! il y a un monstre qui attaque les trains! il mange les voitures! deux secondes et une premiere, une belle premiere! glouk, gloug, gloug et au revoir! *pushes me aside and tries to run away*

    me: *blocks her way* mais certainement, monsieur le mecanicien!

    wang wang: non non s'est vrai! nous arrivons ou nous tournons a gauche, juste avant la station, et voila une grande forme sombre, devant nous, sur les rails. je vois que c'est un animal, un animal gigantesque, terrible! je, je.....

    me: eh biend, monsieur le mecanicien, donnez-moi une description de ce monstre, s'il vous plait.

    wang wang: mais, monsieur l'agent! le monstre est la! il peut arriver a la station! allons en haut!

    me: non, monsieur. je regrette, mais il est necessaire d'ecrire une description exacte! (while i say this she says: i'm crazy in french... don't kno how to spell it) c'est ce que monsieur le commissaire desire. donnez-moi la description!

    wang wang: pourqoui? *points* VOILA LE MONSTRE!

    i turn around and fall over as she runs away.


    laura: ah! mr. agent! it's terrible! there is a monster! a large monster in the metro!

    *gets knocked over by her purse when i try to get her to talk to me*

    me: hey! you're the mechanic! what's in the tunnel?! where's the train?!

    wangwang: oh! mr. agent! there's a monster that attacked the trains! he ate the cars! two second class and a beautiful first class! glou glou glou and good bye!

    me: but certainly, mr. mechanic.

    wangwang: no no it's true! we arrived or we turned left, just before the station, and voila! a large dark form in front of us, on the rails. i saw this animal. a gigantic animal, terrible! i...i!

    me: umm.. alright mr. mechanic, give me a description of the monster please.

    wangwang: but mr. agent! the monster is there! he can arrive at the station! let's get out of here!

    me: no sir. i'm sorry but it is necessary to right an exact description. it's what the commissioner wants. give me a discription!

    wangwang: why? LOOK! THE MONSTER!

    i turn around and fall XD and that's the best part of today. other than a friend of mine lending me her cape till 7th period tomorrow... bwahaha

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Wang Wang
2004-12-11 20:50 (link)
Wang Wang is the best nickname ever!!! However, i doubt i could spend an aftenoon with someone like that. Is he asian or something? Or is Wang some kind of phallic reference?......i need to know for some me a compulsive nut case.....but now im curious and i cant stop thinking about it.

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Re: Wang Wang
2004-12-13 16:38 (link)
yea she's asian/ she's awesome though. crazy and weird, lacks common sense, yet an academic genius. wang's her last name so we just refer to her as wang wang.

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