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Ashers (yummypoptart) wrote,
@ 2003-02-16 23:37:00
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    Current mood:crappy

    Oh brother, where are thou?
    Ohhh my.. I feel like I live in a soap opera.. Last night my sis and I were comin home from our uncles when we were talkin about how mom is so attached to Gavin (my nephew) And my sis said "It's probably because she finally has a boy back in her life. I was like huh? And she said mom had a baby boy.. and ask if I even knew that.. and I had no clue what the hell she was talking about! And my sis told me to not say anything to mom cuz apparently I'm not suppose to know about it.. But when my sister was 22 months old.. my mom gave birth to a little boy on Sept 14th.. but gave him up for adoption.. He's 24 now.. I mean I was really inshock about it.. because that's something deep! And I asked sis why doesn't mom get back in contact with him.. and she said she tried talking to her about it but she doesn't want to. That's just so sad.. And we were also talking about how my mom wont tell my sister who her father is... That makes me wonder how I'm suppose to believe someone like her.. My sisters went through hell during her adolescence because she wanted to know.. and mom wouldn't tell her. My dad adopted my sister when she was 7 though.. and I was born. It really makes me feel lucky to know who my parents are.. even thought my mom's turning out to be a irrisponsible sleeze.. sad but true.. and she can't be true with herself.. Too many secrets.. and it's so decitful. Really sad, but that's my mother. I really think she has some issues.. After her cheating on my dad and shit.. and denying it! I dunno.. at times like this I'm hella glad I take after my dad.. This is just so mind blowing.. argh!

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