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Ashers (yummypoptart) wrote,
@ 2003-01-20 00:12:00
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    Current mood:blah

    I'm surrounded by Brick walls
    Work sucks. I'm definately gonna start looking for a new job. My hours got cut to 10 hours a week! and I normally have 30 to 35 a week! Fuck that! I got bills I gotta pay and I have to give my dad $100 of every paycheck till I pay him back $800. I kinda wanna be a bar tender.. just try it and see what it's like.. who knows, I just know I'm gonna become something great! Eventually.. with I feel like it : P I decided that I'm gonna eventually move to Arizona.. start saving up and in 2 years just go! I love heat.. I love summer.. I'm ready for winter to be over. Oh!! I heard that most funniest thing ever like 2 days ago! This chick who was my bestfriend from kindergarten to the begining of 12th grade is pregnant! And here's the even funnier part.. to a 16 year old who now doesn't want anything to do with her and has one other kid! I mean it's so sad, she was soo smart, so nice, spoiled, but still, and now she's a druggie (reason our friendship ended) and a slut! And she's in love with the daddy of her baby's brother! Sounds like some messed up Jerry Springer shit to me : P But yeah.. and I told Ryan about it cuz the 3 of use hung out ALL the time and stuff.. and he wasn't suprised cuz he saw it comin too. That's so sad.. she had a lot goin for her and she just decided to fuck it all up.. I'm really bummed and stuff but I don't feel like writing about it. It's just basically about work, and home and my knee, and myself. BAAAH!! heh.. I just wanna get some sort of medical assistance and get my knee fixed before summer. THAT'S ALL I WANT! (That and a awesome job, but the knee thing is number one!) Welp, I'm hella tired. I'm not even gonna d olaundry tonight. Ohhh I'm such a bad ass! : P Nite all!

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2003-01-20 07:13 (link)
If thats how your going to be you might as well of moved to Texas. Its closer. Also, be careful what you wish for. It does not get cold in Arizona but do you know what the summers are like?
Anyhow, I had this dream last night and you were in it?

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2003-01-20 12:48 (link)
I don't wanna go to Texas. Where the house down there is, it's like 50 miles away from the nearest town. Plus I've already have been there. And I know if get super hot in Arizona.. but it can't be that much different than Texas. I use to spend summers down there so I think I could handle it.

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2003-01-20 12:50 (link)
whatever makes you happy

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Judge oks Kmart to close over 300 stores
2003-01-29 16:33 (link)
You should just leave kmart because they're going to eventually close the place down. They applied for chapter 11 backruptcy protection last March, My ex quit her job at daycare when they cut her hours down to 10. It's not worth staying if that's all they think you're worth.

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