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Ashers (yummypoptart) wrote,
@ 2003-01-07 02:53:00
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    For Bradwee
    Brad's been yellin at me to update cuz I NEVER write in this thingy.. I told him that I don't cuz I just end up writing about the same stuff over and over (people, basically the guys in my life cuz I don't have many friends that are chicks, and I love learning about people and stuff) SoOoOoooO... Here's what he suggested!

    Lately things with Brad have been kinda... different. He's a really neat guy.. fun to pick on.. I still wonder stuff about him.. like what causes him to become so angry.. what happened in his life to cause him to be depressed as often.. He's a ho too! And obsessed with 7 year olds! LoL some of the stuff he says totally freaks me out! I guess I'm too old for him : P I love havin sleep overs with him and watchin movies! It feels like back in the old day when a bunch of girls got together for a slumber party! Only difference is.. there's just 2 of us and he's a dude..

    Omg I love this guy.. I hope I end up with a guy like him... Like we met in a chat room about a year and a half ago and we still talk to this day. He's a totally awesome guy... We have that kind of relationship that feels like it's real.. like I can talk to him and it feels like we grew up together. He's totally the type of guy I use to hang with when I was in school.. We just vibe like that. I feel like we've hung a bigillion times before! I love his way of thinking, and that's why I like asking him for his advise and I really consider what he says. I've even seen his sweet side once.. which made me totally envious of any girl he dates. He's so fun and silly.. and a big dweeb! I'm gonna marry him and have his 10 kids and be his roadie hoe when him and his friend Adam start their band! LoL Plus he's gonna have his way with my Shakira booty.. : P I honestly hope I find a guy like him.. someone I can be myself around, someone who loves SpongeBob almost as much as I do.. someone who doesn't judge people, someone who sprisingly has a sweet side hidden among his hard core playfulness.. LoL I'm about to cry! I'm such a sap.. but ya know.. it takes a lot to notice things and that's what's happening now.. but I wish that in the end, he ends up happy.. And doesn't forget about me!!

    Ryan has been my bestfriend since 5th grade and we had a huuuge fight our 12th grade year cuz I told him I cared about him after he kissed me : ( But that's done and over with and after graduation.. I showed up at his door and after that we've been bestfriends once again and it's just like how it was.. maybe even stronger? We don't hang nearly as much as we did.. we use to be together every day.. now I see him maybe twice a month? But we still remain close.. It's pretty neat. I think him and I are gonna end up together.. He's with this chick right now.. and they're a cute couple and he's totally in love with her.. But I just have a feeling.. cuz he's young, and she's younger! (she's a sophomore!) I dunno.. but I just feel him and I are meant to be.. and when we're both sad and alone.. we'll find eachother.. and it will be the right time.. LoL I know sounds like retarded.. and I'm happy to see him happy right now! Like I don't mind being around both of them at the same time.. cuz I mean I'll always love him.. but it's not how it was? LoL it's to hard to explain.. But he's my Ry Ry and he's just someone I totally adore.

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2003-01-07 06:29 (link)
That post is going to go over real well.. lol Every body that reads what you just said about me is going to believe every single word. lol

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2003-01-07 12:41 (link)
LoL no one reads it anyways

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