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[just that girl] (yuan) wrote,
@ 2003-03-03 20:08:00
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    In Which Our Heroine Decides That She Needs A Life
    Boston's a sizable city, but dear god- you'd think that some people in town get absolutely no action. Yesterday, I had misplaced my pencil bag [meaning that I forgot where I had put it and will probably find it next week] so I needed to run a quick errand down Comm. Ave. to replace the lost commodities. It was raining, but I figured that I could live with it so I just put on some sandals for the walk. Along the way, I passed by a pizza place. One of the hired help was standing outside. He took one glance at my feet, and called out- Hey, what's a nice girl like you wearing sandals in the rain?

    Now that's a pickup line, if any. Yeesh.

    Anyway. Nice guy. Looks about thirty. Amber slides away to that art store down in Brookline. [Mmm .. art supplies ..]

    If you've been through basic algebra, you would be familiar with this conundrum.

    a = b
    a2 = ab
    a2 - b2 = ab - b2
    (a+b)(a-b) = b(a-b)
    a+b = b
    b+b = b
    2b = b
    2 = 1

    The explanation is rather simple:

    Let a = 1. Thus b = 1.
    (1+1)(1-1) = 1(1-1)
    2(1-1) = 1(1-1)
    2 = 1


    But the best part is what came after that-

    Please stop dividing by zero. It seg faults the universe and we have to reboot.

    -- God

    When I saw that, I just collapsed in laughter. Oh my .. I'm such a geek ..

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