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Rob (yourworstregret) wrote,
@ 2004-09-18 21:54:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache

    start it up y0
    I think this is my first entry, so hurray for blurty! I'd like to thank my friends and family for making this all possible! And I'd like to thank my dog Beanie (Sabrina) for being cute, and my fish for managing to breathe without lungs. Oh..I didn't win anything. Fuck you all then (I say this with love, but not too much love).

    Actually had a pretty miserable day. I just waited around and sat around in misery, waiting to do something and nothing happened. So I wrote a poem. Now, I are not good at righting, so pleaz bear wit me...

    And all this time you thought I was alright.
    It just took spying eyes under moonlight.
    Don't you see this look on my face?
    This is the look of a fallen warrior.

    You peer at me through dusk altered trees.
    You see me crying on my knees.
    All this time under that same streetlight
    And you never thought to ask if I was ok.

    I get up and stand, tall as those trees.
    We are face to face, your eyes watching me.
    You ask me to come back home with you.
    And all I can say is "I'm so sorry."

    I take one step back, then I turn.
    Together, we feel our eyes start to burn.
    Nothing can change what has been done.
    As this city around us suddenly falls apart.

    As you see my shadow leave the pavement.
    The light burns out and you try to forget.
    All that we shared and all that we had.
    This night is over, why aren't you glad?

    This is my welcome to blurty. Thank you! ~fin

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2004-09-20 21:59 (link)
hey rob.. im really excited about your new blurty...... just please dont ever say "wit" instead of "with" ever ever again...... thanks!

and p.s..... dont be like greg and update once a year... cuz losers like me depend on blurty for out of school friend contact...... :-D

see ya soon!

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2004-09-23 21:10 (link)
hey robert vogt...
welcome to blurty... its so funny that we lost this much contact since freshmen year.. i really thought that i was going to marry u... lol.. thank god u found rachel huh?? i guess ill talk to u lata then...

<3 Pattie

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