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riOtxgirLx (youngxhop3l3ss) wrote,
@ 2003-07-11 12:33:00
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    Current mood:Impatient
    Current music:Saved By The Bell theme sOng =)

    Well..i wrOte this whOle bit thing earlier and when i went to click update jOurnal, it all sumhOw erased..yeah i was ticked..I had a really really weird dream last nite...i wOn*t get intO detail..but it had tO dO with Beecher schOol(the little cOurtyard area there), sOmeOne i hate mOre than life itself, and white girls wearing weave in their hair and their bOyfriends clOthes. =x talk abOut scary. Kyle was suppOsed tO cOme Over EARLY but my mOm tOok the car to get fixed and nOw we have tO wait til they call sO we can gO get it. My grandmas mad at me cuz my mOms gOin campin with damOn (= x BLAH) and AnthOny fOr sOme AA family thing...and they asked me tO gO, but i*m nOt gOin cuz i already made plans with Kyle MallOry and Shawn...sO shes upset abOut that... but my mOm tOld me i didn*t have tO gO. I mean i kinda feel bad, but my mom said nOt tO wOrry abOut it cause she knew i already made plans. I*m suppOSed tO hang Out with Kara Saturday nite but i haven*t talked tO FalOn sO...w/e...idk. Umm...what else tO say...Blah i*m sO bOred.....My brOther is sO clOse tO getttin stabbed in the face and burried in the backyard..i swear if my kids turn Out like that...i*ll put them up fOr adOptiOn. =x Jeeze. peOple are really starting tO bOther me anymOre. nOt like everyOneMainly little 12 year Olds whO start shit and can*t keep their mOuths shut..i think it*s funny this One girl...she wants my bOyfriend....but shes mad cuz she can*t have tO be her...=xahh well..she wants ME tOo...Isn*t that sad? pOor cOnfused little One.....ah well..Drugs are bad incase yOu didnt knO. um yeah.. well...i guess i*m gOnna get gOin...and wait fOr my mOms freakin ar tO get dOne sO i can see Kyle ;-) (lOve yOu babe;-))

    Sex, Drugs & rOck & rOll,


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