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Sarah Riutta (young_writer13) wrote,
@ 2003-10-04 22:53:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:So Yesterday-Hilary Duff

    Chapter 24!!!
    Heres chappie 24, im thinking to end my story in 1 or 2 chapters!!! well,enjoy! byes!!

    Chapter 24:
    It was Tuesday morning, and Christina was woken up by her phone ringing.
    "Christina. I have to hurry. But are you going to come tomorrow morning?"
    "Jackie. No. Look, I thought about it, and you are just using me to get off easy. I know I'm the most persuasive person in the school and so do you, plus you just talked to me out of the blue. So No."
    "Christina, it's not like that at-" The line went dead. Christina wasn't fully aware of what she just did. As she became more and more awake, she felt like killing herself. She decided to send an appology email instead. She got on her computer and opened up her mail account and remembered the message from Jackie from a while ago. She'd read it later. Right now there were more important matters. Christina started to write an email and couldn't word it right. Christina didn't know what to do. She spent a good hour trying to word it right before she got hungry. She went downstairs and made herself a sandwich for lunch. Turkey sandwich, and a can of pop. She never said she ate healthy. She took that up to her computer and ate as she typed and thought. What she wanted to say she couldn't translate into words for some reason. She wasn't sure why either. Then it hit her. She wasn't supposed to make this email. It was fate somehow. She got off her computer and turned on her sterio. Christina lay on her bed, not knowing what to do today. She was to tired to walk. Fate didn't want her writing that email. She felt like writing something but didn't know what. Then the idea hit her. She'd write her version of what's happened so far. Jackie could write her version...if they ever become friends again. But no matter what, Christina was going to write her story. And starting from the beginning of 9th grade took a few hours. She got up to the part where Jake asked her out when her mom called for her. Time really does fly. She went down, ate dinner, and then came back up. She didn't feel like writing so she decided now would be a good time to read Jackie's email.

    Hi. It's Jackie. After getting a lot of oppinions on this, I've decided to send this email. Well, as soon as you and Jake met you sort of shut me out. And you know what? It isn't fun. So whenever you would call me, I felt like blowing up. And worst of all, you didn't seem to really notice or care. And then we just kind of started avoiding each other. And i really want to know what is happening here? I wanted to be your friend until we were old and sitting on rockers at some smelly nursing home. And I wanted that. Because you were my bewst friend through everything. The fights, the young heart breaks, and now you aren't there. You are a part of me and when you just ignored me, I felt like I lost a part of myself. And I hope that you feel this way too, because I want to be your friend again. Right now i hate you, but I'm glad to be your friend. You're the best friend someone can have.

    Christina didn't know what to think. All she knew was that she screwed up big time.

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