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Sarah Riutta (young_writer13) wrote,
@ 2003-10-04 14:25:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Things I'll Never Say-Avril Lavigne

    Chapter 21!!! My story will probably be done today at this rate!!! But my final chapter will remain a mystery for a week or so, and then I will post it!!! Well, byes!!

    Chapter 21:
    The next morning Christina ached all over. But it was a good aching. She lay in her bed for about an hour before she got up and decided to go on her computer. She checked her email, and found she had 100 messages. Most were junk, but she found one from Jackie. She opened it up and found a long email. She knew she couldn't read it right now, so she put that email in her folder for all of Jackie's emails. Christina then read all the funny forwards from other people and had a good laugh. She then deleated all of her emails, junkk and forwards, and had one other email. It was from Principal Lydon. Christina opened it.
    Dear Christina,
    We have determind to susspend you until you are able to clean up the gymnasium. The aporroximate cost to clean it, if you hire someone, would be $1500.00. If you are to hand clean it, without any help, it would take roughly 30 days. We will give you a few choices. You can hand clean it, and hire someone, and it will only cost $575.00, and take about 15 days. Or you can spend all $1500.00 and not do a thing. Or do it yourself for free. We will supply all cleaning supplies. We are awaiting an e-mail back when you have deicided.
    Principal Lydon.
    "Well, Old Man Lyndenburg, that's just to bad, because you will never see me clean it up, and I do not have the money." Christina deleated the email and felt a little better. A little. She went downstairs and grabbed some snacks from the kitchen, then came back upstairs. She threw the snacks on top of her bunk bed, then climbed up, sterio remote in hand. She turned on her sterio, trying to find the spot where she stuck her Good Charlotte cd. She found it, and listened to the whole thing through a few times. Then she heard her mom calling for her to come eat dinner. She turned off her sterio, and took all of her garbage from her snacks downstairs, and had dinner.
    "Christina, what's wrong?" Christina's mom looked at Christina worridly as Christina entered the kitchen.
    "Nothing. Just tired." Christina yawned fakely to back it up. Her parents glanced at her, but decided it was good enough, and they began to eat. There was some casual talk amongst them, but Christina didn't really say much. She didn't feel like talking to them. She knew who she needed to talk to. She stood up unexpectedly and muttered that she was done, and went back up to her room. She took out the present Mrs. Jackson gave her, and brought it to the top bunk bed. She opened it up, and looked at the photo album. The cover picture was of Christina and Jackie their first day riding on the bus. There was numerous pictures of them laughing together on the bus, some of them when they were young, some when they were older. One picture Christina could barely look at. It was of her and Jackie the last day Christina rode the bus. They were both crying, hugging each other. Christina didn't know why Mrs. Jackson had these pictures, but Christina knew that her and Jackie needed to talk. Christina got off her bed and picked up her phone and called Jackie. No answer. Christina tried IMing Jackie, but she didn't reply. Christina went back to the album. She spent all night looking at it, and eventually fell asleep.

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