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Sarah Riutta (young_writer13) wrote,
@ 2003-10-04 13:25:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:So Yesterday- Hilary Duff

    Heres chapter 20 for y'all!!

    Chapter 20:
    Saturday afternoon. That morning Kate had called Christina to tell her the time of the party, and where it was. Christina jotted it down and rushed off to give it to her mom. She then had spent the rest of the morning picking out an outfit. She didn't know if she should wear black, or a deep purple. It was at 9 at night, so black would probably look best. Christina went with the black outfit and hung her purple outfit back in her closet. Christina then needed to pick out jewelry, make-up, and shoes. She decided she would need some lunch before she did that. She went downstairs and she smelt her favorite meal...McDonald's. She walking into the kitchen and pulled out her BigMac, large fry, and large coke. Everything tasted so good to Christina. She scarfed it all down, then went back up to her room to complete her wardrobe. Her eye shadow could be any dark color she decided, and got rid of very few eye shadows. She studied all of them for a moment, then kept the blacks, deep purples, and deep blues. She then set those aside and took out her lip glosses. She didn't know what to use that wouldn't make her stick out a ton. She just picked good ol' pink. She then set it aside her eye shadows...deep purple worked good. It was going to be dark there anyways, no one would notice. She then set both those aside and started to decide about her hair. This whole ritual of preparing for the dance went until 7:30pm. Her mom called her down for dinner, and Christina ate quickly so she could get dressed in time. She rushed into the bathroom and started to braid her hair. Her mom came in and helped, and were done by 8pm. Then Christina put on her make-up and outfit, and as she stepped into her shoes, 8:45pm rolled around. She and her mom went out to the car and drove to the school where the party was at. When they arrived, Christina's mom just dropped Christina off without a word. Christina walked into the school and checked in and continued onto the gym. She opened the door and was greeted by a huge uproar. Looks like the party has begun.
    The party started out with loud music, and it was consistent. There were a few slow songs, all of which Christina had danced to, but a lot of fast ones. Christina had talked with probably everyone in there at least once, and she felt exhausted. Then she was asked to go up onto the stage to talk. She didn't know why, and was going to ask when Kate stepped up to the mic.
    "Hey everyone! Hope y'all are having a fabulous time!" Screaming and cheering. "As you all know the Christina Jones is here, and she's going to say a few words!" Kate stepped back and push Christina forward.
    "What do I say?" Christina mouthed to her.
    "Just talk." Whatever.
    "Hey guys.'s everyone doing tonight?" More cheering and screaming. "Well..." Christina got an idea. "Do y'all like the song Shake Ya Tailfeather?" Obviously everyone did since there was more cheering and screaming. "Well, how about we play that song?" Christina just wanted off that stage. Asking for a song was a good way to do it. "And anyone who wants to dance, come on up here!" Well, at least Christina could get off stage. She ran off as a flood of people came up. They'd thank her later. The tv news person was getting it all. Christina went up to the "bar" and got a Pepsi as she watched everyone up there dancing. She was trying really hard not to laugh. She glanced at the clock, which said 1:00am. Last song. Good timing then. Christina sat for about half the song before she was dragged up onto the stage. Why not? Christina started dancing. She was having a ton of fun, and as the song ending a siren sounded.
    "All right y'all, have a good time?" Christina cheered with everyone else. "Well, this party is partied-out! It's 1am and we have another party to be at in a half hour!" Everyone cheered, not knowing why, then everyone went towards the door. Christina followed.
    "Hey, Christina!" She heard Jake calling her name.
    "Oh. Hey Jake."
    "Look, I'm sorry. But I just didn't really think you'd be mad at me. I was wondering if you want to go out with me again." Jake was really stupid for thinking Christina wouldn't have cared.
    "I'd never date you again even if you are the last person alive!" Christina turned around and headed outside, feeling proud of herself.

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