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Sarah Riutta (young_writer13) wrote,
@ 2003-10-03 21:14:00
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    Chapter 18
    Ok, here it is!!! Just keep in mind, Jake will say his part finally. But brace yourselves. Not to much tho...

    Chapter 18:
    You know, walking can sure make your feet sore. Or badly bruised leg. That was why Christina was standing at the bus stop waiting for the next bus. She has been waiting for a good half hour when finally a bus pulled up. It was an empty school bus. Christina pretended to not see it, hoping it would leave, but the driver hopped out instead.
    "What ya doin' out here in the cold Christina?" Oh no. Not her old bus driver. Mrs. Jackson. Christina looked up at her and wondered how she would get out of this one.
    "Um...hi Mrs. Jackson." Christina decided she would have to tell her the whole story...great. Just great.
    "Why aren't you at home Christina?" Huh? Why am I not home? You aren't supposed to want to know that!
    "Um...well...I wanted to get out of the house I guess..."
    "Here, let me give you a ride home." Mrs. Jackson motioned for Christina to get on the bus, then she followed. Christina sat down in the first seat, where she always had sat. Mrs. Jackson closed the doors and drove off, towards Christina's house. The ride there was a silent one and Christina would've thanked Mrs. Jackson for that, but she didn't want to break the silence. She hopped off the bus at her house and Mrs. Jackson handed her something.
    "I think you will like it, Christina." Mrs. Jackson closed the doors and left before Christina could ask what it was. She srugged and went back inside the house to open up the package. As she watched the wrapping flow to the floor, what she saw before her was unbelievable. She couldn't look at it now, so she put it back in the box and brought it up to her room. She lay on her bed and sighed. She needed something to do. Why not call Jake? Christina sat up, dialed his number, and waited. He had to be home by now. He always gets home around this time for something or other.
    "Hello?" Dang. It was his mom.
    "Hello. Is Jake there?" Christina crossed her fingers.
    "Yes, just a minute. May I as who's calling?"
    "Christina. Jones."
    "He'll be just a moment dear." Jake's mom seems so nice Christina thought. She smiled. Then Jake's voice filled her ear.
    "Hey." Christina swallowed. She had to ask, now or never.
    "Hey. Jake...remember when you were trying to tell me something?"
    "Y-yeah..." Christina didn't like the uneasiness in his voice.
    "Well, I was wondering if I could ask what you were going to say?" There was a long pause. Followed by a gulp.
    "Well, see, this is kind of hard for me to say...but, see, I-I...I'm seeing someone else." Christina almost dropped the phone. Not because she was going into denile, not because she never knew he would do that, but because he actually told her. But Christina wasn't going to date a cheater. She had to use every ounce of strength she had left to tell him those final words she will probably ever say to him.
    "Jake, I hate you." She hung up the phone. Not because she didn't truly hate him, but because she didn't want to know the responce. She put her phone back and lay back down. She had to face it. Her life was falling apart.

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