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Sarah Riutta (young_writer13) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 20:59:00
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    Chapter 10!!!!!
    Chapter 10:
    The next morning, which was a Saturday thankfully, Christina didn't wake up until around 10. She wandered downstairs and into the bathroom to take a shower. When she left the bathroom, she ran into her mom, hands on her hips, giving Christina the you've-done-something-really-wrong look.
    "Ok, what did I do this time." Christina was so tired that she didn't even want to put up a fight. Christina's mom stared at her in wonder.
    " do you have a fever or something? Here let me check..." Christina's mom tried to put her hand on Christina's forehead, but Christina ducked under it and stood up again.
    "Mom, I'm fine. But what did I do this time." Christina's voice sounded very bored.
    "Well, this morning I got a call from the school. They told me that your student ID card was found by the janior last night at the gym. Which I might add, was full of sparypainted graffiti. You have a lot of explaining to do young lady." Christina stared at her mom. There was no way of getting out of this one, even though she was innocent.
    "Bu-...Mom, you kn-...I-"
    "Christina, I want a good explanation right now or else it won't be pretty. You understand me? Now TELL!" Christina couldn't speak at the only time she needed to the most. She looked at her mom on a pleading way, then she opened her mouth to speak.
    "Mom, I didn't do it." It was as simple as that. Christina stood there rocking back and forth, daring her mom to yell at her.
    "Well, then why was your student ID card there?"
    "I don't know, maybe I let it at the gym or something, Mom you KNOW I have gym!! Mom, please! I didn't do it!! You know that!!" Christina was truly pleading now.
    "Honey, I don't really believe you. Yesterday you were late when I picked you up, and your backpack did look a little...big yesterday morning. All the clues point to you Christina, and-"
    "Oh don't give me that old motherly sypathy story! I DIDN'T DO IT! After school I was looking for Jake! And my backpack-"
    "Wait, who is this Jake character?" Christina hated how parents always said character. That was soo 80's. Whatever.
    "He's a guy from school that I bumped into the first day ok? And my backpack-If you would actually pay ATTENTION to my life, you would know that I had brought a sweater to school in my backpack, and it was around my waste after school! You don't know ANYTHING!" Christina stomped off to her room, and slamed the door. Just then Christina wished she had an old sister to give advise. Or a cat to pet when no one wanted to talk to her. Anything besides her room, with the 25" TV, the mini-fridge, the phone, the awesome bunkbed. Just then Christina realized how spoiled she was being an only child. She crawled into her bed and cried.

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